Lovers Pares

Washington cor Roosevelt Street
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Over time, Lovers Pares has developed quite a cult following of long-time eaters, office workers, and large crowds with a collective penchant for pares (saucy, braised beef that’s usually paired with garlic rice and soup) as the ultimate late-night meal.

The pares they serve has a semi-sweet, garlicky sauce with a very subtle hint of star anise that doesn’t over power the dish. Each bowl has a lot of meat in it that’s consistently so soft and tender that you can break it apart with just a spoon. What’s also great about this eatery is that it stretches the menu from just pares and rice, to congee, lechon kawali, sweet and tangy tokwa’t baboy and camto (flank steak) rice. It’s not as extensive as most Pares spots, but it’s enough to satisfy all your greasy, meaty cravings. Best part is it’s open until 5AM. 

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