Long Time Ago

5050, P Burgos St., cor. General Luna,Poblacion,Makati City Makati 1210
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One of the friendlier Hunan spots with a wide selection of Sichuan and Hunan dishes, Long Time Ago is impossible to miss if you find yourself around Poblacion at midnight and craving all things spicy. We say it’s a friendly Hunan spot because they tend to temper the spice level quite a bit. But if you love a good challenge, feel free to tell your server not to hold back on the spice because it does not disappoint.

The menu is definitely huge and covers everything from grilled items, to soups, meats, noodles, and seafood. We recommend getting a sampler of their grilled innards and duck gizzard in adobo sauce. The red oil pig ears is surprisingly refreshing because it’s served chilled and mixed in with some cilantro that gives off a clean taste to balance the richness of the pig ear. For a good spicy challenge, get the mapo tofu with the highest spice level and pair it with a steaming cup of rice.

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