G/F Serendra, BGC, Taguig City
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Intimate yet welcoming, casual yet refined, the Japanese whisky bar that unassumingly sits in a dark corner of Serendra houses one of the finest collections of the liquor you’ll find in Manila. The bartenders are well-versed in the flavors each whisky offers, and can help even the most whisky-ignorant find the right one for them. Their food is tasty and make a great complement to relaxed music and overall laid back atmosphere of LIT.

The small selection of dishes are designed to be grazed over the drinks, as the main feature of the place are the specialty liquor. It is mainly a whisky joint and if you’re unfamiliar with how to choose, this is a good place to learn. Try a whisky flight and figure out what best suits your taste buds. If you’re not a whisky person, there’s a decent selection of sake and beer.

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