GF BSA Mansion, 108 Benavidez Street, Legaspi Village 1229 Makati
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After going through a sort-of rebirth, Lagrima is performing at its best, and might be one of our favorite Mexican joints in town. A step into the quaint space reveals nothing more than an open kitchen with bars at its counter, and a few tables. What they churn out is honest food that is minimal when it comes to toppings, and stays true to Mexican flavors. Their buche, or pork stomach, is meaty and intense, while their carnitas and al pastor are crowd favorites. Have them in street tacos with no frills, or put them in intense super quesadillas that are so loaded, the juice requires copious amounts of napkins.

What we enjoy best are their tostadas, especially when the seasonal avocado one is available. Imagine nothing but refried beans, mashed avocado on the crispiest tortilla, dressed with a drizzle of crema and a squeeze of citrus. If they can achieve greatness with something this simple, it speaks to the cooking abilities of those behind this establishment. Drinks are also not an afterthought, with their horchata unequivocally winning our battle, and their frescas a refreshing counterpoint to their grub.

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