Korean Traditional Chicken

Don Pedro Street, Makati
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When something is this simple but so good, word gets out fast. KTC is run by a Korean native who also operates the whole tiny establishment. There are less than five items on the menu, with the star being the whole fried chicken, neck and all.

There seems to be no elaborate technique on preparing the chicken, but somehow it’s so consistent every time with that crispy skin and the meat still juicy on the inside. Every bite is punctuated with a very subtle spice, just enough to keep you wanting another bite. It’s usually served with a side of chilled, pickled radish that’s tart and a little sweet, and very crunchy to the bite. KTC could easily be overlooked with its shabby facade and non-flashy signage. But believe us when we say that nothing is more comforting than a home cooked fried chicken at 2 in the morning, maybe with a side of beer.

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