2/F 5779 Felipe St., Barangay Poblacion Makati 1209
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The overall vibe at Kampai is much like your cool, older cousin’s last house partywalls plastered with westernized Japanese posters, shots being poured while the resident DJ spins A+ tunes at the corner to keep the crowd on their feet. The compound has since expanded to what they now playfully call as “Tambai Alley” to house a much bigger, more dynamic crowd.

Kampai’s laid back approach to drinking extends to their drinks menu. They have a decent selection of affordable sake, Japanese whisky, and beer on tap. Cocktails, however, are quite excellent, which is no surprise because they’re specifically crafted for Kampai by Lee Watson of ABV bar. They put their own Kampai spin to most of their cocktails inspired by Japanese flavors like the Kampai gimlet: your gimlet infused with green tea syrup, and sprinkled with nori strips. After a round or two, peep the freshly launched food concepts downstairs at Tambai Alley for some post-drinking bar chow. 

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