2153 Chino Roces Avenue Corner Herrera Street Unit C-1, G/F, Marvin Plaza Building 1230 Makati
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We have always been fans of Kikufuji, but their recent burst of fame has meant longer lines, and general inconsistency. If you’re looking for something that’s else to satiate your appetite, try walking down the block to Jyukai, whose location beside Teppan Grocery is often easy to miss. There is a less dizzying selection of items, but here, their sashimi is just as fresh, and comes at a lower price point too. Lunch is the best time to get a bowl of chirashi, as it clocks in under 500 pesos, but is still chock full of uni, salmon, saba, and sometimes hamachi offcuts if you’re lucky.

Don’t miss out on scallop and uni tempura, and regular favorites like Japanese curry and soba, which are easy to eat here. Explore the menu further, and discover a really delicious beef giblet soup, where the innards are so soft, they practically melt into the broth. They even have odder Japanese imports such as the funky, divisive natto, and salted squid guts.

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