Falafel Yo

Level 4, Greenbelt 3, Ayala Center, Greenbelt, Makati City
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The classic legume-based Middle Eastern street food is put on the spotlight at this relatively new joint. Owned by a trio of Israeli nationals, Falafel Yo churns out an especially good rendition of the eponymous dish, with a crispy, savory crust blanketing a tender, earthy chickpea interior. Have it plain or in a hefty wrap with add-ons from their in-house salad bar—the possibilities are just about endless.

While the stall is located at the cinema area of posh mall Greenbelt, it’s worth the trek up. (Heck, we’d find an excuse to watch a movie just as a foil to nosh on our falafel goodies.) Best yet, it’s the place to please both vegans and carnivores: while falafel in its traditional state is naturally vegetarian, Falafel Yo offers a one-of-a-kind version with beef in the mix, playfully called the Falafel Beast.


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