De Original Jamaican Pattie Shop

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Owned by the Fruitas Group, De Original Jamaican Pattie Shop introduced Filipinos to the savory meat pastries of the same name. Said to have been brought to the Philippines by a group of Chinese-Jamaicans, each “pattie” (note the deliberate misspelling of the word) consists of a flaky pastry and a savory meat filling—take your pick from the Original Beef, the spicy Beef Pinatubo, the nostalgia-inducing Chicken Stew, and many more—served warm and toasty, and full of robust, meaty flavors that Filipinos have come to love.

Coming in a half-moon shape half a CD in size, each pastry can be easily held in the hands, making it perfect for munching on while strolling around the mall. And they’re just filling enough that makes for a hefty snack, or a light meal on the go.

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