Café Curieux

Bel-Air Soho, Caceres Street Makati, 1200
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Café Curieux is a grungy yet inviting bar and bistro that is the Poblacion watering hole to many French natives. It is something of a hyphenated space in that it houses a lot of events from art shows, to music festivals, to endless dance parties.

Curieux boasts a more extensive wine list, cocktails, and spirits compared to its neighboring bars. But what’s really worth trying is their selection of infused rum which they distill in house. Our favourite is the cannelle—a spiced cinnamon rum. The taste is similar to Fireball, but somehow much more demure in sweetness, allowing for a very subtle cinnamon finish that rounds up every sip. They also serve up dishes reminiscent of a classic French bistro from charcuterie and cheeses to heartier meals such as the fondue bourguignonne.

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