Café Breton

Various locations
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An old mall reliable, Café Breton is one of those restaurants that strikes nostalgic joy in the hearts of many. Our gateway restaurant into crepes, Café Breton introduced to us the wonderful diversity of the from-scratch pastry wrap. Though many restaurants have tried to follow the crepe format, none have thus far managed to challenge the perfect bite and texture that Breton has mastered so well.

Many of us discovered the simple joy of consuming plain crepes with butter, sugar, and a sprinkle of lemon as a light merienda. You can pair it with a cool Café Liegeois for a sweet pick-me-up. For a more filling lunch dish, their Dracula or Poseidon are sure crowd-pleasers, but If you want something a little different, turn to the buckwheat galettes for more texture—we like to go for the Don Quixote.

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