8 Treasures

Lower Level, Petron Station, EDSA corner Arnaiz Ave., Makati
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8 Treasures opened just in November of 2017 to much interest. Perhaps it was filling in a food need for an accessible Hong Kong roast in Makati, its strange location at the side entrance of a gas station, or its beautifully pristine interiors in such a location (likely a combination of all). The restaurant is clean and white, elegant and simple, both in its physical design and in its menu. And in both, one can see the focus is attention to quality to create a memorable dining experience.

The svelte menu makes it simple to choose what you want, though rice combinations (up to three meats) are offered to those who are bad at making decisions. We felt the white chicken, pork char siu and roast duck made the most diverse dish to suit every preference, but if we had to choose just one we’d go for the duck. Their jellyfish and century egg are suitable side dishes, with the former being crunchy, light and fresh, and the latter with a perfect hold-together bite to reveal the pungency we love about century eggs. If you’re ordering for a party, we’d recommend the whole suckling pig or duck.

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