Respite’s Cookies Come in Photo-Worthy Boxes That Are Enough Reason Alone to Take Them Home

After a year of selling baked goods and coffee beans online, sisters Sylvette and Jes opened their own coffee shop, Respite; named so because they wanted to be people’s “de-stress from distress.” Their menu, which was fully supplied by Jes’ still-running bakery business, included loaves, pastries, and cookies—of which the latter, they noticed, people loved enough to keep coming back.

These boxes are made for the camera.

So they decided to shift focus to the cookies. They started with the packaging. They found cute boxes on Pinterest (the same ones they still use today) which they had remade in bulk. Then, with the help of agency Vigi, they streamlined their look and message into a sweet, colorful brand.

Respite’s cookies come in three flavors and are all sold as part of an assorted box of 12. At first impression, they look a bit thin but they’re actually pretty heavy, packing enough sugar to delight any sweet tooth. Whether eaten at room temperature, cooled, or warm, the flavors remain pretty consistent.

Cookie Monster mode: ON

Respite also sells bar with flavors that mimic those of the cookies, but with slight variations; and coffee, which comes in convenient coffee bags (like tea bags, but ground beans). Everything is sold at their shop in Scout Fernandez, Quezon City, but best to pre-order your stuff because these often fly off the shelves quickly.


Delicious cookies, bars, and coffee bags packed in creatively designed boxes.

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