Replace Pantry Basics with 7Grains’ Equally Tasty but Healthier Substitutes

September 19, 2018

Charo Sy first thought of the brand when she was a new mother looking for healthier (and more convenient, or “dumb-proof” as Sy calls it with a laugh) ways to enjoy the food that she loved. Sy initially started out in the food business by importing Skinny Carbs, shiratake noodles that are suitable for people with a keto, vegan, or gluten-free diet. Sy was inspired to create her own lines of dishes under her own brand, 7Grains, and she teamed up with a friend in food tech to create “food pantry options you would feel good serving to your children and loved ones.”

And they make your pantry look stylish too.

We love their Skinny Seasoning, liquid aminos that is a low-sodium substitute for soy sauce, that makes a mean adobo. The (diabetic-friendly; sweetened with coconut syrup instead of sugar) tomato ketchup has a barbecue-like kick to it that makes an ordinary homemade burger or plate of fries into something extraordinary. And the vegetable bouillon cubes remove the need to add your own seasoning to a dish as they already contain their own herbs to spruce up your dish.

Yes, it’s vegan.

But the one product that we adore is the lemonsito, which makes it easy to enjoy an instant calamansi juice that isn’t drowning in sugar so we can appreciate the full flavor of our local lime. The natural and versatile purée can be used to mix in dipping sauces or dressings, drizzle on desserts, or replace a freshly squeezed lime in any recipe that calls for it. A single bottle holds a whole kilogram of freshly-squeezed calamansi, and it tastes like it.

A great pantry item to have for the lazy home bartender.

“Some of our partners are vegan, others are on this popular keto diet,” explains Sy. “Some, like me, are just foodies who are still struggling constantly with trying to eat healthy. We are not endorsing and sticking to any diet or food preference; we respectively each others preferences. You don’t need to be a hardcore nutrition foodie to know what’s healthy and what’s not. Our guiding principle is [to not be] intimidating. We try to be the healthiest we can be, [and] we try our best to add value to your pantry by being the cleaner and more convenient choice without sacrificing flavor.”


A company offering healthy pantry alternatives.

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