We Quizzed KFC’s First Filipino Colonel Ronaldo Valdez—And His Answers Were Hilarious

Every brand needs a mascot, and KFC’s white-suited Colonel is probably one of the most familiar around the world. The founder’s inimitable look is so classic, that after generations, his famous mug still adorns the chain’s buckets worldwide. While many actors have donned the famous bowtie in KFC’s founding country, we have never been blessed with a Filipino Colonel until today.

After a hilarious viral search that included veterans Ping Medina and Leo Martinez, the duty fell on clear lookalike Ronaldo Valdez, who became KFC’s First Filipino Colonel. The title intrigued us, so we had to ask the actor a few questions, with surprisingly hilarious results. Read our quick fire questionnaire with him below—we’re still a little concerned that his favorite animal is a chicken.

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