Avroko’s Coconut Sugar-Based Granola and Peanut Butter with Sweeten Your Mornings

Jamie Lao admits that she loves to eat. “. . . A lot. I mean big amounts and continuously,” she says playfully. Avroko came around when she wanted to create high-fiber, high-protein, low-sugar, low-sodium snacks that could keep up with her admitted snacking habit.

“I have no culinary training,” says Lao, “but I think about food safety and food processing like it’s breathing.” Her homemade granolas and peanut butter boast of simple, clean, understandable ingredients, many of which have properties that are good for your health. “Like cinnamon,” she explains. “[It] helps your memory, helps control blood sugar, and it’s delicious! And turmeric. [It] helps improve your immune system.”

Avroko’s creamy, smooth-in-one-spread peanut butter is sweetened with coconut sugar.

But the best part about her products is that, despite their simplicity, they carry a complex combination of flavors. The chocolate granola variant is coated in a deep brown, with generous chunks of real chocolate, and a sprinkle of this makes any breakfast dish richer. The peanut granola variant has more peanuts than oats, making for a trail mix-like snack that is snackable on its own. But our favorite of the three flavors is the sticky yet not overly sweet almond-cashew-sunflower seeds granola variant, whose earthy flavors are balanced by the sweet comforts of dried fruits.

Yogurt and granola is our no-brainer breakfast, with all of the taste and none of the effort.

Lao’s peanut butter has the creamy consistency that spreads across bread with ease and deep pleasure. The coconut sugar it is sweetened with melds with the spunky peanut taste, harmonizing the two into a delightfully comforting paste.

You can find Avroko’s creations at the Salcedo Market every Saturday, with some more peanut butter flavors in the works, you may be lucky enough to catch a sample before everyone else.


A home-based granola and peanut butter company based with coconut sugar.

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