Puro is Basically Offering a Public Service by Selling 100% Pure Taba ng Talangka

December 1, 2018

Couple Buddy and Noreen Isleta have always had pure taba ng talangka (or TNT, as they like to call it—because it’s the bomb?!) at home—never the extended or diluted stuff that are accessible in groceries. Their TNT had become something of a point of fame within their circle of friends, that they were often asked for some jars of it. It was only natural that they would start to sell the product, that even Chef Margarita Fores herself raves about and uses in her own cooking.

The crab fat (or crab tomalley if you want to be fancy) is “clean, unadulterated, undiluted, immaculate,” as they advertise. And you can tell by one taste. Just a tiny scoop is packed full of flavor that inspires an awooga experience. It is almost dangerously flavorful, you’ll likely start to feel yourself getting the sweats from eating way too much way too fast so be warned. A little goes a long way in any recipe, so we recommend taking it easy first with adding this as any ingredient since you can always add more later. That means that this bottle can be stretched out more than any commercial TNT you’ll find elsewhere.

Puro also offers Atsarang Mangga (or Puro AM, as they call it), another incredibly pure and clean product that relies on a good source of mangoes, treated properly, for a crunchy sweet-salty-sour experience.


Pure, unadulterated crab fat.

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