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Here’s a List of the Latest Eats in Greenhills Promenade

July 6, 2019

Greenhills has always had a reputation for being the best place to get cheap steals, but with the opening of the new Promenade wing, it is also fast becoming a dining destination. With everything from the essential Filipino to Peruvian peri-peri, here are a few newly opened, and soon-to-open restaurants in the revamped mall.

1. Roots

Roots 2 reedited

One of the newer establishments in the new wing of Promenade, Roots Market Bistro is easily noticed because of how stunning its minimalist exterior looks. As a market bistro, Roots uses the farm-to-table concept from Chef Chris Oronce and Bryan Tiu from Wafu. It serves American and European dishes, and bases its menu on fresh produce and protein found in the local markets. Check out our review of Roots here.

2. Sariwon Korean Barbecue

Sariwon reedited

Sariwon is best known for its beef bulgogi. But more than their bulgogi, Sariwon is also home to many traditional Korean dishes. Like other Korean barbecue places, customers get to cook their own meat, but unlike others, Sariwon’s technology is smokeless. No need to worry about smelling smoky here.

3. La Famiglia Little Italy

Little Italy reedited

Priding itself on authentic Italian food, Little Italy’s menu consists of the basic Italian favorites such as pasta, pizza, and a whole lot more. Their menu definitely provides you with vast options that might seem pricey, but the sizes are definitely fit for a small family.

4. Zao Vietnamese Bistro

Zao reedited

Zao has been around for a while now, and has been a common name for those craving for Vietnamese food. Their dishes are a good size for sharing, and affordable enough for a group of friends or with family.

5. Soi

Soi reedited

Soi used to be located in the food court area of the Theatre Mall, and has already quite a few branches around, but also now resides in the new wing of Promenade. Soi is a casual Thai restaurant that serves affordable and authentic Thai dishes.

6. Cupcakes by Sonja

Cupcakes by Sonja 2 reedited

Sonja Ocampo’s well-loved cupcakes, once exclusive in Serendra, already has a number of branches opening around the Metro, now including Promenade. It’s pretty much a household brand around the metro. It’s what started the cupcake craze back in the day with its gourmet cupcakes, and continues to create more cupcake concoctions.

7. Ebun

Ebun reedited

Ebun means “egg” in kapampangan, and that’s exactly what Ebun is known for. It’s a casual dining restaurant that serves Kapampangan food and everyday Filipino cuisine made their way. By its namesake, it also has a number of interesting egg dishes on their menu. Prices are also quite reasonable, with its main courses priced from roughly P170-P450.

8. Tampopo

Tampopo reedited

Best known for their ramen and tonkatsu, Tampopo was brought here by Chris Tiu, George Huang, and TY Tang from Singapore, and is actually the first branch outside of Singapore. It has two of the current Japanese craze specialties, Katsu and Ramen, and puts the option of putting the two favorites together. Tampopo’s specialties are the Deluxe Tampopo Black Pig Shobu Ramen and the Top Grade Black Pig Tonkatsu.

9. Yumi

Yumi reedited

Meaning “beautiful” in Japanese, Yumi is another Japanese restaurant in Promenade. However, Yumi’s Japanese niche is more contemporary than traditional, but still aims to serve beautiful dishes. It has the beloved ramen and katsu, but also sashimi, sushi, donburi, and other modern and classic dishes.

10. Peri-Peri Charcoal Chicken

Peri Peri reedited

Originally Peri-Peri Grill House, this establishment took on an almost complete renovation. Aside from its flagship dish of the peri-peri chicken, what makes Peri-Peri different is it gives you access to a variety of condiments and sauces. You even have the option to mix sauces together to your liking to pair with your chicken.

11. Munchtown

Munchtown reedited

A brain child of Chef Robby Goco from Green Pastures fame, Munchtown is located in the cinema level of Promenade. Munchtown’s concept aims to enhance the food that eat at the cinemas. Munchtown’s menu ranges from burgers, burritos, gyro, pizzas and pita chips, all ready to be enjoyed with a good movie.

12. Café Publico

Cafe Publico reedited

Café Publico is a cozy little Italian nook beside the ticket booth on the second floor of Promenade. They serve a mean cup of gelato with quirky flavors like Thai Tea and Salt Butter Taffy. Aside from gelato, there’s a good selection of pasta, sandwiches, and appetizers. It even houses a huge chess board for their customers to play with.

13. Tong Yang

Tong Yang reedited

Tong Yang is an eat-all-you can Chinese buffet prized at just P399 for weekday lunch, and P585 for dinner and weekend lunch. It allows the customers to pick from pre-cooked dishes and raw items that the customers can cook on their own, either on the grill or shabu-shabu style.

14. Slammin’ Burgers

Slammin 2 reedited

Slammin’ offers a variety of all-American mini burgers that come in pairs, fours or eights. It’s perfect for snacks and for sharing, and is affordable. Aside from burgers, Slammin’ also has a variety of fries and dip options to choose from, that customers can enjoy on its own or paired with the sliders.

15. Wee Nam Kee

Wee Nam Kee reedited

Wee Nam Kee is home to Hainanese Chicken Rice, and is one of the more popular options for chicken rice, for good reason. Wee Nam Kee’s Chicken Rice prides itself on being authentic and affordable at the same time, and comes in different serving sizes and flavors. Wee Nam Kee also has other dish options to choose from, such as cereal prawns, for those craving for something other than their staple.

16. Krazy Garlik

Krazy Garlick reedited

As per the name, Krazy Garlik is a garlic-based concept restaurant. It doesn’t have a specific cuisine, but it’s often described as a fusion of Asian cuisine, with garlic as the common thread and key ingredient. Krazy Garlik is part of the Bistro group of restaurants, responsible for Italianni’s, Fish and Co, and Bulgogi Brothers among others.

Which of these restaurants have you tried? Any ones on your wishlist that you want in Promenade soon? Tell us in the comments section below!

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  1. llyann says:

    i miss watching movies at promenade!!! now, there’s another reason to go there….more restaurants!!!

  2. jome says:

    nice list, but just one point of criticism, the pictures are really noisy, looks like they were taken with a camera phone, and since the photos take up a lot more space than the small writeup, it makes the whole article look amateurish.

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