Pizza Morena Makes Frozen Pizzas That Will Make You Never Want to Call for Delivery Again

December 21, 2017

Pizza Morena is “a one-woman show,” as founder Jenny Burns describes it. “With the help of my awesome pizza guys, of course,” she adds. 6 years ago, the brand started out as a simple stall to serve food that kids and adults could both enjoy at a the Balik Bukid Fair in Sta. Rosa, Laguna. It was “just for the fun of it,” says Burns, “[But] when we sold out of 300 pizzas in one day, I knew I was onto something.” Fast forward to today and one can see Pizza Morena at major Makati fairs and markets, including both the Salcedo and Legaspi weekend markets, and events like Spectrum Fair Manila, ArteFino, and Valero Eat Street.

Pick up a frozen pie at Gourmet Corner in Makati.

Burns has established the Pizza Morena brand as something people can rely on for the best ingredients and flavor, made through traditional methods, and their brick-oven pizzas have clearly become an event favorite to the point that we find ourselves looking for it more regularly than it’s available. And we’re probably not the only ones, because just last year, Pizza Morena decided to start distributing frozen pizzas.

I started out as a farm-to-table chef and I like to use all things natural. I don’t believe in skimping out on ingredients and like using what’s fresh and seasonal. I’ve always enjoyed slow cooking and believe that what I can’t find on supermarket shelves, I can make. I like reimagining favorite dishes from my travels using local ingredients whenever possible. I like to challenge myself by trying to create with what’s available locally.”

“They are a whole different ball-game,” explains Burns. “The entire production process is different. I had to work on a recipe which will allow freezer-storage without over-drying the pizza once it is cooked and being all natural to boot. So our frozen pies are additive-free and still use the highest quality ingredients.” Despite the challenge, Burns has managed to create a product that stays true to the Pizza Morena brand and has us actually looking forward to eating frozen pizza.

Keep a frozen pie at home in case of pizza emergencies. Which happen every week, amirite?

Right now, Pizza Morena offers 7 flavors of pizza that you can take home frozen: Pepperoni, 4 Cheese & Chives, Margarita, Anchovies & Olives, Chorizo, Pesto & Mushroom, and Spinach & Artichoke. The pizzas are incredibly easy to make, and much faster than ordering one via phone even with a 30 minute delivery guarantee. Just pre-heat your oven or toaster oven, pop a frozen pie (no need to defrost; in fact, they taste crisper and fresher when you don’t) into the pre-heated oven, wait for 10-12 minutes, and you have a restaurant-quality pie on your plate.

Pizza Morena’s 11-inchers are great for sharing between 2.

While the result is not the same as having a nice, toasty, crisp crust straight from the brick oven (the frozen pizzas have a more spongey, bread-like consistency), Pizza Morena has created the best frozen pizzas we’ve had in our lives by far. Nothing like the boxed versions with questionable ingredients you find in the frozen aisle, Pizza Morena’s frozen pizzas are a revolutionary innovation proves convenience does not have to come at such a steep price of health and flavor.

Pizza Morena

A rustic brick-oven pizza pop-up that uses fresh and organic ingredients.

CONTACT: 0917-845-2652 / pizzamorena@icloud.com
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