Pizza Hut Introduces New Cheesy Tomato Rice Stuffed Crust Pies

April 1, 2018

When you think of stuffed crusts, you only think of one name in the pie-making business. Pizza Hut pioneered the outlandish, over-the-top idea that turned pizzas into an even junkier version of themselves, stuffing everything from plain old cheese to whole mini hotdogs, making sure that no crust gets left behind. Heck, their latest Cheesy Lava experiment has them stuffing the whole dough, so that every slice has a layer of cheese embedded within it.

In an attempt to outdo themselves once again, Pizza Hut’s upcoming creation is an ode to their wide Filipino fanbase. From April 15 onwards, you can now upgrade any pizza (we prefer their Supreme variant) to one with a Cheesy Tomato Rice Stuffed Crust. A sneaky taste test of this unique innovation revealed Filipino paella-like tomato rice folded and baked into the bread, with enough mozza mixed in, creating a pretty satisfying cheese pull. Insane, but we dig it.

April Fool’s!
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