Pinkie’s Farm is Bringing Back 50’s-esque Glass Bottle Milk Deliveries

March 9, 2017

Pinkie’s Farm is the most adorable dairy brand you’ll see in your local specialty stores today. Packaged in cute, 50’s-style bottles are their fresh, whole milk. In small, bell-shaped glass containers are their fresh yogurts. In small, round tins (where you might imagine your mother keeps her sewing supplies) is their frozen yogurt. And just like their packaging that harkens back to old-fashioned styles, their approach to farming is one that embraces old-fashioned farming—before there were pre-packaged feeds, hormone enhancers, and horror-inducing machines.

The fresh milk lasts for 5-7 days when properly stored (in 0-4 degrees, and at the back of your fridge, never on the door, says Limcaoco). It must be consumed within 2 days when opened. “I think that’s a badge of honor that my milk has a short my shelf life because you can tell how natural it is.”

Katrina Limcaoco, daughter of Pinkie for whom the farm is named after, tells us that their cows are grass-fed, their milk does not undergo UHT to retain its flavor and nutrients, and cared for in a way that can be compared to pets. “We used to play music when they’d get milked [and I think it was amusing to our consultants from UPLB],” she says with a chuckle. The farm belongs to her mother and she tells us that though she does everything from marketing to distribution, the farm is run very carefully by her mother who is there three to four times a week and that the farm is, even the cows are, her mother’s baby. “[Pinkie] really has a soft heart for [the cows]. She makes sure they get enough food for them. She’ll get the grass and bring it [them herself]. It’s very personal care.”

Limcaoco loves to have the kesong puti seared on a hot pan with a little oil and 5 seconds on each side, served on a pandesal. She warns that if you cook it on a cold pan, it will melt.

Pinkie’s Farm began as a family farm with its products only being consumed by family and friends. “My family loves to eat [and] it’s really heartwarming to get produce from your farm and serve it on your table,” but more than that, the dairy products simply blew their family and friends away so much that Pinkie and Katrina felt they could really share Pinkie’s Farm with others and deliver products that really make an impact. And we can taste the difference. The milk baptizes your tastebuds. The silky, pure, velvety yogurt fills every crevasse of your mouth with flavor. The kesong puti was outstandingly the best we’ve ever tried, embodying a dairy taste that is often absent in the omnipresent white cheese, its crisped flavor (when cooked on a skillet) filling up your nose and its milky texture complementing the crunch of the pandesal we placed it in.

The family farm started out with 3 pregnant cows from UP-Los Baños and initially grew organically, meaning the herd was only composed of the cows that were born on the farm from their existing cows. “So since we had so little, the farmers were giving them names [like Ara, Diane, Rufa, Katrina, Denise], and my mom [had no idea that they were sexy stars]! She was just, ‘Oh, that’s a cute name!'” she laughs. Since they decided to create a brand for the milk 3 to 4 years ago, Ara, Diane and the rest now have over 90 bovine buddies on the farm. But despite the expansion, Limcaoco asserts that the milk they were drinking 6 years ago for breakfast with the family is the same milk anyone who purchases a bottle now will be drinking. “It’s quality first. We’re not interested in being the biggest so we’ve got to be happy with what we produce.”

The flavors of the fresh and frozen yogurt tend to be seasonal. You can expect more flavors to come as Limcaoco says they are enjoying experimenting.

Aside from quality, they value having personal relationships with their customers. “We want to bring back the old days when [milk was] delivered to the house. It’s such a personal thing; you knew your milkman and it’s such an exchange. ‘I know this house gets 2 bottles of fresh milk every Tuesday,’ . . . so that’s what we’re trying to get into.” Just like they did in the old days, Pinkie’s Farm will also pick up your empty bottles so that they can be recycled.

The family dairy farm delivers to Makati and BGC twice a week, and hope to include Valle Verde and Corinthians in their route by April. They are also working on improving the farm to accommodate field trips. But the best part about running Pinkie’s Farm? Aside from access to some of the best locally produced dairy products that Luzon has to offer (which is our projected answer, not hers), Limcaoco tells us it is the time that she gets to spend with her mom and watching her mom thrive in the farm. “[The farm is] really her love . . . [and] I love how my mom just blooms there.”

Pinkie’s Farm

Pinkie’s Farm offers all-natural dairy products from grass-fed cows: milk, yogurt, frozen yogurt, butter and kesong puti. They provide a subscription program to select neighborhoods in Metro Manila.

Contact: pinkiesfarm@gmail.com / 0918-9999555
SPEND: php75-475
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