Piescream Co. Churns Ice Cream Inspired by Classic Pies and Candies

May 3, 2018

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade—and if that doesn’t work out, turn it into ice cream. Francis Gallardo had long wanted to make a classic Key Lime Pie but kept failing trial after trial (“I couldn’t make the pie set,” he shares). Rather than throw in the towel completely, however (and armed with an ice cream machine that was given to him as a gift), he decided to take the idea of Key Lime pie to serve as an inspiration for another related treat: ice cream. And its success became the beginning of his own frozen-dessert venture under the name, Piescream Co.

L: The ultra-creamy Malteser, and R: The darker, decadent (and chunk-filled) Turtle Pie—two flavors that were suggested by his two sisters. “[They] were the biggest critics when it came to taste and flavor,” Gallardo shares.

Following the Key Lime Pie flavor’s success, Gallardo went on to expand his range, going by ideas that are “hard to find and [that] appeal to my taste.” The short-but-sweet selection includes pie-inspired flavors—one being the said Key Lime Pie, which well exhibits the said pie’s invigorating tartness against the creaminess in the background. More on the sinful side of the spectrum is the Turtle Pie flavor: a chocolate-dominant entry with swirls of homemade caramel, crushed Oreos, and almonds for a textural fiesta in each spoonful.

L: The Violet Crumble comes full of chunks of its eponymous candy bar on a caramel base. | R: Key Lime Pie, a.k.a. the scoop that started it all, is made with fruit sourced from Baguio.

Other flavors on offer are inspired by famous candies and confections that’ll have you in for a nostalgic ride. Treat yo’self past a stressful week with the Maltesers, featuring a malted chocolate base and Malteser bits mixed in for chewiness and crunch. The Aussie favorite of Violet Crumble is also transfigured into a scoop of the same name—one with chunks of Violet Crumble strewn into a caramel base (of a just-right level of dark, representing Violet Crumble’s honeycomb candy interior) that reveals the said confectionery treat’s more sophisticated side.

Rich without being cloying, Piescream Co. pulls off playful, indulgent themes with great balance.

Though whimsical in nature and indulgent in theme, Piescream Co.’s scoops are just rich enough with a great, creamy texture without being too weigh-you-down heavy—and (surprise, surprise) are not too sweet, making them a great picker-upper on a hot summer day. Being very particular with ice cream’s texture and taste (“I want it rich, creamy, and I don’t like tasting the water crystals you get from commercially made ice cream,” he shares), Gallardo takes his time perfecting the balance between creaminess and flavor impact before submitting it to his biggest critics for approval: his sisters. And though he has not had formal training in the pastry arts, it was Gallardo’s long-standing love for frozen dessert (“I am a certified ice cream monster,” he quips) that fueled—and continues to fuel—his journey into the art of ice cream-making. Now supplying to a number of restaurants and looking to supply to more food stores, Piescream Co. is a tasty testament that with creativity (and perseverance), setbacks can in fact be met with success.

Piescream Co.

Homemade ice cream inspired by classic pies and candies.

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