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Pick Some Sticks to Barbecue at This Shaokao in Binondo

July 19, 2019

Xiucai Shaokao is a Chinese barbecue place across David’s Tea House along Tomas Mapua Street in Binondo. The shop sign is written in Chinese characters, so—unless you can read it—you won’t really know what you’re getting into until you’re inside. Although, the large grill by the entrance does give it away as a barbecue restaurant.

Line ’em up!

There’s no menu—only a glass-door fridge that displays a large variety of skewers. They have several types of meat and fish balls, Taiwanese sausages, vegetables, and more. They also serve a bunch of off-beat items like chicken cartilage. Just choose what you want, then they’ll grill it for you. They use different sauces to complement your chosen sticks, but a lot of them are either sweet (as in, there are specks of brown sugar) or spicy. And we’re not at all mad about it. One of the best things about Xiucai Shaokao though is that it’s air-conditioned, making it a rare gem of a hang-out spot in the area.

Xiucai Shaokao

A Chinese barbecue place in Binondo.

ADDRESS: 558 Tomas Mapua Street, Sta. Cruz, Manila
CONTACT: (02) 543-6439 / (0916) 333-3111
SPEND: PHP50-200

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