Petite Charcuterie de Manille Makes French-Style Fresh Sausages in Different Flavors

January 30, 2018

With their juicy interior carrying the distinct taste and texture of fresh-ground meat, fresh sausages are in an unmatched league of their own. French expat Richard Ermann knows this by heart, having growing up enjoying fresh sausages traditional to his home country. Upon moving to the Philippines, he lamented the lack of options for these kinds of sausages—in response to which he decided to experiment making his own. The result is Petite Charcuterie de Manille: a line of all-natural artisanal sausages, all made from scratch and with love from the Ermann home kitchen.

L: the Classic is a simple but sublime pork-based variant with garlic, inspired by Toulouse sausages. | R: the Classic & Herbs is another minimalist number similar to the Classic but with more zing from Herbes de Provence, inspired by Chipolata aux Herbes (a variety of sausages from the South of France that Richard enjoyed growing up).

Made in small batches, the sausage selections vary from time to time but always include a wide variety of flavor profiles. Some are directly patterned after existing artisanal sausages, including their versions of Merguez, Biala Kielbasa, and Spanish Chorizo (which they christen with the same names). Others are stellar reinterpretations, as is the case in the Classic (Saucisse de Toulouse-inspired pork sausages scented with garlic) and the Classic & Herbs (pork sausages with Herbes de Provence, inspired by Chipolata aux Herbes). Elsewhere they experiment with themes inspired by different cuisines, including their Mexican Style sausages (a pork-based variant with chili, cheese, and cumin). Also on the menu are originals with flavor pairings you might recognize from classic dishes: the Mustard Tarragon (pork sausages with tarragon and their own homemade mustard); the Pork N’ Shroom (another pork-based piece with fresh mushrooms, Herbes de Provence, and white wine); and the French Onion (a beef-based variant with caramelized onions, Gruyere, and thyme).

L: the Mexican Style sausage is a festive, fiery variant that melds the pungency of cumin, the kick of green sili, the creaminess of cheddar, and the zing of cilantro. | R: the Mustard Tarragon melds the anise-like flavors of the herb with the slightly pungent kick of their own homemade wholegrain mustard.

Made with raw meat stuffed in natural casings (pork intestines, as is traditional), fresh sausages entail a few extra precautions for safety. Shipped and meant to be kept frozen, you’ll have to thaw them in advance and take extra care to cook them all the way through. But preparing the sausages couldn’t be easier, and you have options for cooking over the stove, grill, or oven. On their own or cooked into recipes they shine, each link carrying complex, robust tastes that still allow the flavor of the meat underneath to radiate through. More notably, you get the fresh stuff’s distinctive juiciness and properly-rugged, uneven texture, with discernible bits of real meat and just enough fat to keep each sausage moist.

You won’t need much else for a great sausage meal—maybe just crusty bread, a lick of good mustard, and cornichons for good measure. (Or, heck, rice!)

Richard (who maintains a day job in IT) manages Petite Charcuterie de Manille with wife Sheila. And to this day the couple handles all operations entirely by themselves—from the R&D, to the sausage-making, the branding, the marketing, and even the package deliveries when their schedules allow for it. Having gotten excellent feedback from no less than the French expat community, continually experimenting with new variants and other products, and expanding to supply to more locations (aside from ordering directly, you can catch the sausages prepared as Chef’s specials at Le Cafe Curieux), Petite Charcuterie de Manille is definitely here to stay.

Petite Charcuterie de Manille

All-natural fresh sausages made from scratch by a French-Filipina couple, available in a variety of flavors.

Contact: 987-9069 / smr.ermann@gmail.com
 PHP 120-350
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2 responses to “Petite Charcuterie de Manille Makes French-Style Fresh Sausages in Different Flavors”

  1. Berto says:

    I have been regularly ordering these super delicious sausages from Richard and Sheila since they started making them. And still looking forward to my next deliveries. These authentic french sausages are just awesome specially when grilled! Très délicieux!

  2. Isabelle says:

    Love their sausages! It’s delicious, and juicy and the best part is they don’t have preservatives. Our family’s favorites are the original and mexican style sausages. Can’t wait to try their new flavors.

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