’s Round-Up: Here are Our Top 10 Posts for May 2013

October 23, 2018

Here’s a recap of our Top 10 most popular posts on for May 2013.

A Song of Fire and Ice Cream: Reimagining Game of Thrones Characters as Your Favorite Summer Treats


This summer, the third and latest season of Game of Thrones returned with new characters and more shocking plot twists (I knew Brienne of Tarth had a little something going on underneath that armor). Each episode of the HBO series makes our non-vacation days much more bearable, be it by pushing us to the edge of our seats as we watch Bran’s escape to the North, or by reminding us to turn the air-conditioning on during the occasional sex scene gorgeous outdoor shots of Daenerys’s army marching through the desert.

Since it’s the middle of May, and most of us are stuck in the Philippines, the terrible heat had us thinking some pretty odd thoughts. With winter not likely to come anytime soon, we passed the time by trying to figure out whether or not Dany’s more leche flan than garbanzos.

Dark Chocolate Carbonara with Warm Honey Yogurt: Who Says You Can’t Have Pasta for Dessert?


Ever heard of chocolate noodles? Our friend from Canada gifted us with a pack of , which we turned into a dessert pasta dish—Dark Chocolate Carbonara with Warm Honey Yogurt.

Food Fight!: McDonald’s vs. Jollibee


Who does it better? There is not one, but several kinds of food competing in this category, and you need to vote for which fast food joint you think does the whole breakfast experience better.

Tray’s Anatomy: A Deep Discussion on Chickenjoy vs. Chicken McDo vs. KFC


Say your girlfriend just dumped you, or you’re having a long, stressful day, or you’re so over that intense summer boot camp you went through to get your dream beach body (which didn’t even work since you’re still the same fat Jigglypuff that you’ve always been). Right now, you don’t care about what the rest of the world thinks. All you want to do is wolf down a meal of steaming hot rice and two pieces of the best fried chicken you can dunk into a cup of thick, warm gravy.

We say, go ahead. You deserve it. The only question is, where do you go?’s First Birthday Post


Our problem was that we never identified our readers in our first year. What kind of food people are they? We kept on erratically swinging discussions from Stages 1 to 3 without ever stopping to think about who the hell we’re talking to.

Well, we’re clearing that up today.

Hoops Fans Rejoice: NBA Café Comes to Manila


Looking to further strengthen its international presence, the NBA has announced plans to open an NBA Café right here in Manila. The Café is touted to be the first ever of its kind in Asia, and will be located at SM Aura in Taguig City.

Acquired Tastes: 7 Weird Delicacies From Around the World


One of traveling’s greatest joys is the chance to sample local food. It helps you realize that while each culture is different, we all share a love for eating. However, those less open to new and unique dining experiences might find themselves booking a flight back home the moment they’re served one of the following delicacies.

Restaurant Spotlight: Slappy Cakes


Slappy Cakes is the newest addition to the slew of breakfast joints dotting the Metro. Having recently opened at the ground floor of Eastwood Mall (it’s currently on its soft opening stage), this American import aims to give its customers a “different” dining experience.

7 Bizarre Food Laws (You Didn’t Know About) That Can Land You in the Slammer


We’ve all heard of the gum prohibition in Singapore. There’s also the alcohol ban that many countries practice on Election Day (like the Philippines, Thailand, and Chile). But I bet you didn’t know that in Denmark, there is a fat tax on dairy, pizza, meat, oil, and processed food if the item contains more than 2.3% saturated fat (like butter!). Over in the States, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (grossly) allows a certain amount of insect parts, rodent filth, and mold in food before they deem it unsafe to eat.

While there are perfectly good reasons for those unusual food regulations above, there are some food laws that are just outright illogical and silly. Here are a few from around the world which had us going, “Objection, your honor!”

Wendy’s, Shakey’s, and San Mig Light Get a Brand Makeover


Re-designs are quite common for companies to undergo through every decade or so. Some turn out for the better, while some need to keep working at it.

Just recently, Wendy’s, Shakey’s, and the San Mig Light logos all went through a makeover. The changes range from radical alterations to more subtle adjustments. The big question is, do the new designs do justice to these established brands? You decide.

Is your favorite article on the list? Any crazy food topic you”d like us to do research on for next month? Do sound off in the comments section below!

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