’s Round-Up: Here are Our Top 10 Posts for June 2013

November 11, 2018

Here’s a recap of our Top 10 most popular posts on for June 2013.

7 Childhood Snacks We Miss (That They Should Bring Back)


We now all live in a completely different post-Ang TV world: cabs are more expensive, Michael V is a comedian instead of a rapper, and it’s apparently okay for straight guys to have crushes on other men as long as those other men are all Ryan Gosling. Even worse, so many of the wonderful snacks and drinks we used to love are no longer available. Instead of all the weird stuff they ply kids with nowadays, don’t you wish they would just bring back a few of these seven classics?

Restaurant Spotlight: Wrong Ramen


I’ve been hesitant to plug Wrong Ramen with Pepper because I was afraid that people would patronize Wrong Ramen just because the folks from Pepper are part of it. That wouldn’t have been fulfilling. I wanted to see how people would honestly react to it without knowing who’s behind it.

11 of the Craziest Bacon Products Ever Made


Unless you’re one of those odd people who has never eaten bacon, you probably already love it. We all do, maybe even some vegetarians who secretly miss it more than steak. But love is a funny thing. Sometimes, it pushes you to do stuff that other (not in-love) people probably wouldn’t consider sane. Here are eleven products that prove taking the love for bacon too far isn’t always pretty.

Food Hack: BonChon Soy Garlic Chicken Wings


Generously shared with us by Sandara Park’s kin, Korean fried chicken is so good that there are days when I just find myself craving for its greasy, oily, crunchy, salty-sweet goodness. Unfortunately, for anyone stuck at home or at the office, having it delivered runs the risk of unduly affecting its crispness, temperature, and the overall double-fried chicken experience.

The Secret History Behind Pan de Regla and Other Panaderia Eats


Long before merienda meant stale convenience store hot dogs and burgers sold by disturbingly happy bumblebees (or even more disturbing ginger-haired clowns), peckish Filipinos have flocked for  generations to their neighborhood bakeries or panaderia. Rice might be the undisputed favorite carbohydrate in our country, but we’ll always have a soft spot for the cheap, fragrant buns in those glass display cases by the road. Like a lot of things in our culture, the art of baking bread was introduced by Caucasian invaders (who probably weren’t used to eating all that rice). Because, really, who else but Pinoys can come up with these kooky shapes and names?

Homemade Treats: Sweetleaf Soft Batch Cookies


Sweetleaf was actually a fantastic accident. For Cel de Guzman (who recently contributed some amazing art for, Sweetleaf Softbatch Cookies began with a fascination for baking in high school, which was then transformed into a business in 2009. “My sister needed a project for her entrepreneurial class, and asked me if I could be her labor force. I didn’t mind (that time, my schedule wasn’t too hectic), and I wanted to earn a bit on the side.”

Cheesy Kare-Kare Pasta with Toasted Corned Beef Flakes: Another Way to Enjoy Kare-Kare


While we all love the thick orange heaven that is Kare-Kare sauce, it’s okay to yearn for something new every now and then after we spoon it over our nth plate of plain white rice. Here’s an alternative that you might enjoy just as much (if not more) as the original.

7 Local Fruits and Their Legendary Origins


Long before entertainment meant plopping on a sofa in front of a flat screen (or tinkering away on a smartphone), our ancestors would amuse themselves by gathering around a fire and telling stories about the universe and how things came to be. While each story involves a magical element, they aren’t all like the wholesome Disney fairy tales we grew up with. Some are even gruesome enough to bring tears of joy to George RR Martin’s eyes.

5 Stores Manila Bakers Should Visit for Rare Ingredients


The most frustrating thing about being a home baker in the Philippines is how difficult it is to find certain ingredients and tools.Even basic brownie recipes sometimes require things you can’t always find in your local supermarket. When I first started baking, it wasn’t unusual for me to have to go to multiple malls and groceries for real vanilla, bittersweet chocolate, and walnuts for my brownies. My search for a non-stick 9×9 inch baking pan? It took a month.

Fortunately, after countless phone calls, hours stuck in traffic, and several tanks of gas spent chasing down ingredients, I’ve compiled a pretty good directory of sources for most of my baking needs. And judging from the amount of “where can I find…” questions we regularly get, it would be very selfish of me to keep all that information to myself. Below are my go-to places for baking ingredients and tools. And while I’ve always been able to find what I needed in these stores, it would still be best to call ahead so you can avoid unsatisfied cupcake cravings.

Here’s What’s Inside Café 1771′s Breakfast Menu


Café 1771 invites everyone to try out their breakfast menu, which includes a balance of Filipino and Western favorites such as Sour Cream Pancakes, French Sandwiches, Whole Wheat Pan de Sal Sandwiches, Organic Egg Omelettes, and traditional Filipino breakfasts that are paired with garlic rice. Chef Vicky designed the menu as such in order to have an equal distribution between both cuisines, and to suit the tastes of their Filipino and international diners.

Is your favorite article on the list? Any crazy food topic you’d like us to do research on for next month? Do sound off in the comments section below!

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