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Facebook has turned video into the king of content. By default, Facebook ranks videos higher than any other type of content, so this is the best solution if you want maximum reach.

There are two ways to do a sponsored video with Pepper. One is through a branded video, and the other is through a customized video.

Branded Video

In a branded video, your brand can support our content.

This means that we’ll write an episode as we usually do, then your brand can “present” the video as a sponsor. In a branded video, the story will not be directly about your brand, but still be connected to it.

If you’re a travel agency, for example, we can shoot a restaurant somewhere in Hong Kong in a travel story and your brand’s logo will be added to the post.

In a branded video, you’ll receive:

  • Your brand’s logo at the beginning of the video
  • Your brand’s logo at the end of the video
  • Your brand’s logo inside the post where we publish the video in Pepper
  • A Facebook and Instagram plug when we publish the post

It doesn’t always have to be a literal connection—it can be an emotional one. If your brand wants to connect with families, we can do a recipe that’s perfect for family gatherings. We can find different angles depending on your goals.

Should you sponsor a branded video? If you want subtlety in how you sell–that is–if you don’t want to turn off your customers by pushing your brand in their faces, this is the perfect solution.

A branded video stays in our website and Youtube channel permanently.

Customized Video

In contrast to a branded video where the story is our content, a customized video is about you.

In a customized video, we’ll feature your brand or product front-and-center in the video. Depending on the needs, we’ll design, shoot, and style a set just for your piece. We’ll also feature your brand in our headline.

For this service, you’ll receive:

  • Your brand’s logo at the beginning of the post in Pepper
  • Your brand’s name in the headline
  • Two social media plugs for Facebook and Instagram each
  • Photography services
  • Video services
  • Recipe Development services
  • Design services
  • License to use the content

Aside from the feature, you can also use and promote the video (if applicable) that we produced in your own social media channels.

Should you sponsor a customized video? If you want to feature your product or brand in the spotlight, and if you need materials produced such as photos, videos, or design, this will work out for you.

Customized videos are priced at a premium compared to branded posts since we’ll create everything from scratch just for you.

Sponsored Posts vs Videos

For most types of content, videos will perform better than posts because of how Facebook ranks videos.

There are only two disadvantages to doing videos: time and cost. Videos take a lot more resources to execute so we’ll need more time to create one. On top of that, more people with higher technical skills work on videos, so all the costs will be higher.

In a nutshell, if both budget and time aren’t issues, a video is almost always a better option.

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