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We use our Facebook and Instagram to deliver our stories and connect with our community. You can join in.

For all sponsored posts in social media, we’ll feature your brand in both Facebook and Instagram. Here are our typical packages:

  • One post, when you want it
  • Four posts (one per week for a month)
  • Twelve posts (one per week for a quarter)

When we plug your brand, you’ll also receive the following if applicable:

  • Photography
  • Copywriting
  • Food and prop styling
  • Graphic design

If you notice, we spread out the frequency of posts in long periods of time because we don’t want our branded posts to feel too pushy. We’re very particular in how we sell to our audience, and we want to respect their boundaries. However, in cases where the content is exceptional: it’s fun, engaging, and our readers naturally love it, we can deviate from our standard packages.

For all posts, we can work with you if you have special requirements such as: colors, posting dates/times, keywords/hashtags, and particular images.

As for the cost, it varies depending on the project. The more requirements the project has, the higher the cost. So the less there is to customize (if we’ll only post content) the lower the price.

But why should you work with Pepper instead of just promoting a post in your own Facebook page? Good question. In terms of raw reach, you’ll probably get more out of just promoting your own post. However, if you want to access our audience, the trust that we’ve built for years, and if you want your content to look great, work with us.

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