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Pepper publishes the most trustworthy and influential food stories and recipes in the Philippines. We write for smart, creative, and liberal people.


  1. You want to reach a particular, discerning audience.
  2. If you care more about long-term reputation than short-term traffic.
  3. You care about the quality of design, photography, and ideas.
  4. You want to sell your brand without pushing products to people.


  1. High volume traffic is your most important metric.
  2. You are not particular with the audience you want to attract.
  3. You don’t find value in good design, photography, or ideas.
  4. You want to sell directly, like a traditional TV commercial.

We’ve worked with both multinational global brands and mom-n-pop restaurants.

Visualizing Our Audience

  • Age: 20-35
  • 60% Female
  • Works or dabbles in a creative field.
  • Cares about details.
  • Eats in new restaurants.
  • Occasionally cooks at home.
  • Travels twice a year.
  • Likely uses an Apple product.
  • Always online.
  • Possibly binges on Netflix.

Our Following in Numbers

  • 18,000

  • 0

  • 71,587

  • 30,000

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