There’s a Ramen War Brewing in Today’s Pepper Eats!

September 27, 2018

Pepper Eats is our weekly photo-journal featuring the food we stuffed in our mouth.

Jawbreaker from Zark’s Burgers (Php 250)


Lars says: “It comes with fries and bottomless iced-tea. Also, if you finish it in 5mins (it’s their second largest burger) the whole thing is free! It leaves you so full that simply breathing should count as exercise.”

Eater’s rating: 7-8/10 while eating it, 2/10 once you’re done and want to die.

Lengua Spaghetti from UCC Café Terrace (Php 369)


Diana says: “I had high expectations for such a novel dish but it reeked of garlic and the garlic taste overwhelmed anything else on the plate.”

Eater’s rating: 5.5/10

Salpicao Soft Taco from Madeca (Php 195)

Kat Iriberri

Kat Iriberri says: “The beef is really flavorful and doesn’t get lost with all the other things in the taco.”

Eater’s rating: 8.5/10

Rich Tonkotsu from Wrong Ramen (Php 390)


Adee says: “If you pulled a gun to my head and told me stop eating it or else, I wouldn’t. It is that good.”

Eater’s rating: 10/10

Gambas al Ajillo from Cirkulo (Php 365)

Dwight's Gambas
Dwight says: “After this, I want to bathe everything else in chorizo oil.”

Eater’s Rating: 8/10

Shroom Vegetarian Burger from Charlie’s Grind and Grill (Php 340)

Mye's Shroom Burger
Mye says: “The portobello mushroom makes for a good meat alternative. It was my first light and slightly healthy meal in Charlie’s for a change. I bathed my ‘shroom’ patty with lots of aioli.”

Eater’s Rating: 8/10

Dinamita from Silantro (Php 140)


Mikka says: “I loathe chili peppers, but these ones that are milder and smothered with cheese never fail to change my mind.”

Eater’s rating: 8/10

Pasta Puglise Carbonara with Pancetta and Mushrooms from Woodfire (Php 295)

Kat Jao

Kat Jao says: “Good, but don’t expect it to taste like a classic carbonara. It’s more on the creamier side.”

Eater’s rating: 7/10

Miso Ramen from Ramen Yushoken (Php 380)


Addi says: “They said they used seven kinds of miso on this dish; maybe that’s why I couldn’t think of one word to describe the flavors. I enjoyed it so much, I almost didn’t notice I was splashing soup all over my shirt!”

Eater’s rating: 9/10

Seafood Doria from Tokyo Bubble Tea (Php 245)


Steph says: “Really good. They were generous with the seafood toppings and cheese, but it had too many onions and doesn’t look as appetizing as its photo on the menu.”

Eater’s rating: 7/10

Roasted Prime Rib (Petite Cut) from Gulliver’s (Php 690)


Serna says: “The beef is cooked to your desired degree of doneness, and is served with the requisite trimmings: Yorkshire pudding, creamed corn, creamed spinach, and a baked potato. Perfect for Sunday brunch, this meaty entree is well worth the extra stomach space.”

Eater’s rating: 9/10

Shrimp Popcorn from Chuck’s Grub (Php 170)


Giselle says: “A cone of perfectly beer-battered shrimp on top of crisp fries makes for the best on-the-go meal. The serving’s big enough to make you full, but the batter’s light enough to save you the guilt of eating something deep fried–perfect trade-off, if you ask me. (Plus points for using environmentally-friendly packaging!)”

Eater’s rating: 8/10

Berries and Cream from Bread Talk (Php 39)


Nico says: “The classic flavor combo makes you feel like a kid again, could be a bit sweeter though.”

Eater’s rating: 7/10

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9 responses to “There’s a Ramen War Brewing in Today’s Pepper Eats!”

  1. “Eater’s rating: 7-8/10 while eating it, 2/10 once you’re done and want to die.” Wahahahahahaha!

  2. LOL. Kaya pala ramen war kasi si Addi yung isa. It’s a conspiracy! 🙂

  3. Chrys says:

    The Shroom veggie burger made me do a double-take because it looked like it had a mouse in it… nobody else thought that?

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