Pepper Eats July 18

Pepper Eats: We Try the Gudetama Rice Burger, and Other Things in between Buns

July 18, 2016

Wild Poppy’s Kim and Reuben

Pepper Eats July 18

Mylene says: When the waiter dubbed this as their best seller, I had high expectations. Sadly, it was a sorry excuse for a reuben. The “smoked corned  beef” looked like it came out of a can and all i could really taste were the kewpie and kimchi. The description said everything came sandwiched in a “curry slider bun”, but with all the strong flavors muddled up in this dish, the bun ended up tasting like plain bread. I’d come back for the drinks though!

Rating: 3/10

McDonald’s Gudetama Beef and Rice Burger

Pepper Eats July 18

Jasmine says: Sanrio’s Gudetama character has exclusively tied-up with McDonald’s Hong Kong. And I’d have to say it’s THE BEST THING ever. I was afraid that this rice burger might fall short of expectations, but it certainly did not disappoint. Not only was it absolutely adorable, it was absolutely filling. My favorite thing would be that the rice buns were intact, crisp, and had a savory gingery taste.

Rating: 8/10

Coffee Room MNL’s Asian Toss Salad

Pepper Eats July 18

Iniga says: The inescapable asian salad, a staple of sandwich bars and bistros everywhere, at first blush seems hackneyed and a bit trite, but nevertheless gets a refreshing take from The Coffee Room MNL. The mandarin oranges are the star in this dish, and every bit gives you a tart burst in your mouth. The canned tuna flakes are forgivable, and gets their redemption through the addition of generous greens and sweet sesame.

Rating: 7/10

Belle and Dragon’s Chicken Karaage Bao

Pepper Eats July 18

Bernice says: The chicken karaage bao from The Belle and Dragon looks and sounds like every tipsy patron’s dream. Overall, these baos delivered on their promises; the chicken karaage was juicy but lacked in flavor, and in tandem with the fried mantou buns, made a bite felt very greasy. Fortunately, the slaw broke the monotony of the karaage and fried buns. Worth a try if you find yourself inebriated in The Belle and Dragon.

Rating: 6/10

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