Authentic Japanese Takoyaki in Today’s Pepper Eats

October 28, 2018

Pepper Eats is our weekly photo-journal featuring the food we stuffed in our mouths.

Huevos estrellados con Jamón y Chistorra from Barcino (PHP 300)

Dwight's Huevos

Dwight says: “A slight upgrade from a ham & eggs breakfast platter. +1 because I bathed it in tabasco.”

Diner’s Rating: 7/10

Aurore Chocolate Tart from Cinq Desserts Boutique (PHP 150)


Kat says: “The filling is smooth and rich with a deep, dark chocolate flavor. But I wish there was a little bit more caramel and the tart was bigger, given the price.”

Diner’s Rating: 6.5/10

Beef Brisket with Rice from Gloria Maris (PHP 145)


Lars says: “Nothing special, but nothing awful either. The bento box is pretty.”

Diner’s Rating: 7/10

Eggs Ben from Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf (PHP 245)


Mikka says: “Feels like they used an egg from a McDonald’s breakfast meal,  slathered it with butter, and placed it on top of some bread with cheap ham. It wasn’t bad, but I felt cheated with the price.”

Diner’s Rating: 4/10

Takoyaki from a random food cart in Osaka, Japan (JPY 300 for 8 pcs; around PHP 126)


Mye says: “I don’t mind having my tongue scalded over and over again for these tasty balls. (Sorry, but that sounded better in my head.)”

Diner’s Rating: 11/10

Amazing Aloha from Jollibee (PHP 99)


Nico says: “The previous incarnation of the burger was more amazing since they used the junior champ patty. With two Yum patties this time, it’s just a bit short on taste.”

Diner’s Rating: 6/10

Sizzling Oysters from President’s Binondo (PHP 300)


Serna says: “These fresh, briny babies sizzle with a whole lot of smoke and flavor. With a spicy zing highlighting every mouthful, it’s way too easy to eat a whole plate of this by yourself.”

Diner’s Rating: 8/10

Chicken Feet from King Chef, Banawe (PHP 52 during their 2-5 PM promo rate)


Diana says: “It’s not the most photogenic of the bunch but it is always the right combination of sweet and savory. Could be spicier but for the promo rate, I’m not complaining.”

Diner’s Rating: 8/10

Bravo Burger with Jalapeños from Food Camp (PHP 200)


Adee says: “Pardon the crappy photo. I promise you, it tastes a lot better than it looks. ”

Diner’s Rating: 8/10

Apple Pie from Wildflour Café (PHP 170)


Giselle says: “Well-structured, balanced, and a satisfying dessert, overall. The combination of streusel, caramel sauce, and cinnamon ice cream are enough to remind me of Disneyland!”

Diner’s Rating: 8/10

Cookie Butter Pancakes from Pancake House (PHP 258)


Addi says: “To be honest, the dish was hefty and dry. But being the sweet tooth/patay-gutom that I am, I enjoyed this, I really did. There was ample Speculoos Cookie Butter which, to my surprise, worked well with the butter, pancake syrup, and cornflakes and cinnamon sprinkled on my plate.”

Diner’s Rating: 8/10

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4 responses to “Authentic Japanese Takoyaki in Today’s Pepper Eats”

  1. Raxenne Dosher Maniquiz says:

    Omg gusto ko nung Takoyaki!!!!!!!!!

  2. guest says:

    Takoyaki looks yummy! I think the takoyaki at salcedo market is the best one I’ve tasted so far: generous with bonito flakes, properly cooked and with octopus bits. 🙂

  3. Justin Reyes says:

    wow parang masarap nga nman yng takoyaki! gustong gusto

  4. акула Yin yang says:

    I tired a takoyaki recently from tea monkey- surprisingly not bad and it has real baby octupus and all the jap ingridients (not overpriced)

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