Today On Pepper Eats: Eggs, Pie, And Duck So Good It Breaks Our Scales

May 25, 2019

Eggs on Toast (Ham, Mushrooms, Poached Eggs, Bordelaise, Bearnaise) from Wildflour (PHP 375)

Location: G/F Net Lima Building, Fort Bonifacio

Abbey says: “It may not look as appealing as the famed Croque Madame but I have to say, this tastes wayyy better. Perfectly poached eggs, well-seasoned and not too heavy – definitely the best bet for brunch.”

Rating: 9/10

Gobblin’ Goblin’s Pie from Banapple (PHP 120)

Location: SM North Edsa Skyway

Abby says: “I rarely eat at Banapple, so I was surprised to discover that they serve seasonal cakes throughout the year. I totally didn’t notice that this Gobblin’ Goblin’s Pie actually had a face until my friend took a photo of it–something’s gotta be wrong with my eye grade. As with everything in Banapple, this was good for two–or for one, if you don’t mind a huge serving (I don’t, too). Highlights? Chunks of Snickers and Maltesers within a generous cream cheese filling and a thick chocolate cookie crust. People, pies have crusts for a reason, and a good one will have you wolfing it down. That’s it. Oh, sorry! *wipes drool off of the keyboard*”

Rating: 7.5/10

Seafood Bibimbap from Bulgogi Brothers (PHP 430)

Location: Alabang Town Center, Muntinlupa

Gela says: “My love for bulgogi stems from beef being its protein source, but this seafood alternative came as a close equal.”

Rating: 8/10

La Delice from Cafe Breton (PHP 240)

Location: Greenbelt 3, Makati

Jez says: “It’s definitely comfort food with vanilla ice cream, choco hazelnut, and almonds but the ratio was a bit off with the bananas. Well basically, it tastes like a regular piece of banana than you can just smother with your own Nutella.”

Rating: 7.5/10

Primavera from Woodfire Bistro (PHP 395)

Location: G/F, Joya Lofts & Towers, Plaza Drive, Makati City

Krizia says: Couldn’t get enough of the veggie toppings on this one. I’m normally a cheese or meat pizza lover but this is a game changer! Loved it even more with a bit of chili oil on top.

Rating: 8.5/10

T.E. Pork Chop from Todd English (PHP 410)

Location: SM Aura

Lars says: “My shitty picture doesn’t accurately convey the sheer size of this monstrosity. You know that old episode of Dragonball Z where kid Gohan slices of steaks from the tail of a dinosaur that he eats? It’s like that. It’s a saiyan-sized portion of pig.”

Rating: 8.5/10

Inarizushi from Yamazaki, Little Tokyo (PHP 40/piece)

Location: Pasong Tamo, Makati

Mia says: “The tofu wrapping has a sweetish lining, a wonderful contrast to the mild bite of the sushi rice. I will dream of this sushi, and I will be back for more.”

Rating: 10/10

Traviata from Toby’s Estate (PHP 315)

Location: Leviste Street, Salcedo Village, Makati

Mikka says: Two eggs baked in a skillet and topped with some arugula and tomato compote might not sound like much, but Toby’s Estate does this dish so well, it puts fancy over-the-top egg dishes to shame. And the bread–that piece of rustic garlic bread is something else. Eat it on its own or use it to mop up the leftover yolk, you’re good either way.

Rating: 9/10

Banana Caramel Crunch from Cold Stone Creamery (PHP 168 for the Like It size)

Location: Serendra, Fort Bonifacio

Nico says: “The store ran out of vanilla, so they used cake batter instead. I now know how empty my life has been after realizing that I can get cake batter flavored ice cream a few blocks from the office. Was a little too sweet, but I liked it. After all, there’s always money in bananas, or something like that.”

Rating: 7.5/10

Fried Noodles from Eat Fresh Hong Kong Street Food (PHP 50)

Location: Lucky Chinatown Mall, Binondo, Manila

Pauline says: “Eat Fresh Hong Kong Street Food is the place to stop by if you find yourself strolling along Lucky Chinatown Mall with a rumbling tummy, looking to grab a quick bite or two.  Vegetables are mixed in with this fried-noodle dish, and is generously drizzled with soy sauce and peanut sauce, and topped with chilli flakes.  This delicious (and budget-friendly) meal-in-a-box is definitely worth the buck.”

Rating: 7.5/10

Duck Confit from Brasserie Cicou (PHP 950)

Location: 57 Annapolis St., Greenhills, San Juan

Serna says: “A mouthgasm if there ever was one! The duck leg was equal parts crisp, moist, and tender, and the mildly salty tang of the seasonings really highlights the bird’s rich, smoky flavor. The potato salardaise with its sauteed wild mushrooms and light drizzles of truffle oil was just as memorable. Weeks after first trying this dish, I still daydream about it during the lulls in my work day.”

Rating: 20/10

What have you tried so far from Toby’s Estate? Have you been to Todd English food hall? Tell us about your experience in the comments section below!

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6 responses to “Today On Pepper Eats: Eggs, Pie, And Duck So Good It Breaks Our Scales”

  1. Victoria Castillo says:

    Looks like everything was a winner in this edition. Nice.

  2. Nico Goco says:

    so everyone just broke down and wanted to get fat. nice!

  3. Johann says:

    That duck confit… *drools*

  4. secretwalangclue says:

    anong laman nung Inarizushi?

  5. pass yourluck says:

    some pinoy didn’t appreciate duck, for some like me, everytime if I noticed a restaurant offering duck delicasies nearby, I couldn’t resist trying what they have for us…. and as always, regardless how they cooked it.. you can’t resist the meat taste…passyourluck

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