Today on Pepper Eats: Lamb Chelo Kabab and more CaliBurgers

April 12, 2019

Prawns with Basil and Chili from Songkran (PHP 270)


Location: Salcedo Village, Makati

Gela says: “I usually never expect Thai dishes cooked in the Philippines to actually deliver on the chili, but this dish managed to give a little more than a kick. I ended up consuming more rice since the sauce was full of flavor, but how else would you have an Asian dish!”

Rating: 8/10 (just because I shared the dish with one other person, and I wish I had more shrimp)

Carre Tatin from Eric Kayser (PHP 210)

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

Location: Power Plant, Rockwell

Kat says: “I wish there were more apple slices, but that’s pretty much my only quibble with this dessert. The white chocolate mousse is creamy and not too sweet, and there’s an unexpected hint of burnt caramel in the glaze. That, the subtle tartness of the apples and the crunch of the base all come together for a well-rounded dessert.”

Rating: 8.5/10

Shrimp Po’boy from Kettle (PHP 419)


Location: East Wing, Shangri-la Mall

Lars says: “Though everyone, rightfully, raves about the buttermilk fried chicken at Kettle, the Shrimp Po’boy is equally adept at getting people to make bedroom sounds after every bite.”

Rating: 9/10

Thai Bagoong Rice with Pork from Sen Lek Thai Noodle (PHP 120)

Camera 360

Location: Makati Cinema Square

Mia says: “A Ghetto Grub article waiting to happen. Sen Lek Thai is pleasant find in the basement of Makati Cinema Square. The rice is on the dry side but not overly salty or underflavored. I can’t say it’s “authentic” as I’ve yet to eat my way through Thailand, but this hits the spot for cheap Thai eats.”

Rating: 8/10

Cheeseburger with Wild Style Fries from CaliBurger (PHP 400)


Location: Century City Mall, Makati

Mikka says: “Because I’m on a pretend diet, I got the regular cheeseburger instead of the double. If you’re looking for a classy gourmet burger with all the trimmings, you won’t find it here. The patty was crumbly and disintegrated towards the middle, while the lower bun was served cold. I enjoyed the Wild Style Fries, though! Overall, this meal makes for great but overpriced hangover food.”

Rating: 7/10

Lamb Chelo Kabab from Mister Kabab (PHP 165)


Location: West Ave., Quezon City

Nico says: “I didn’t like it as much as I thought I would. It was okay, but there was something funny about the taste. I felt like the herbs and seasonings didn’t balance the natural flavor of the lamb. Definitely sticking to lamb chops after this one.”

Rating: 5.5/10

Double Cheeseburger with Wild Style Fries from CaliBurger (PHP 470)


Location: Century City Mall, Makati

Pam says: “Looks like In n Out, tastes almost like it too! The wild-style fries were a letdown though- the fries themselves were unsalted and bland, and the cheese and sauce barely covered the lot. Close but no cigar.”

Rating: 7.5/10

Ebi Aunori Pasta from Sumo Sam (PHP 398)


Location: Power Plant, Rockwell

Serna says: “At least the spaghetti noodles were al dente.”

Rating: 4/10

Have you tried CaliBurger? What are your thoughts about it? What do you think of Eric Kayer putting up shop in the Philippines? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below!

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  1. Victoria Castillo says:

    Would like to see a Paul/Eric Kayser face-off! I’m only asking you guys because I can’t afford to buy all those carby delights or pile on all those calories. Hee hee.

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