It’s a Battle Between Ramen Nagi’s Black King vs. Green King in This Week’s Pepper Eats

March 25, 2019

Crispy Chicken Tacos (bottom-left) from Chili’s Grill & Bar (PHP 390)

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Location: Corte de Las Palmas Expansion, Alabang Town Center

Addi says: “This dish reminds me why I like Mexican food: Three flour tortillas with crispy fried chicken, smoked bacon, tomatoes, cheese, and lettuce, drizzled with honey-chipotle and ranch. Every bite isn’t complete with the homey flavor of the black beans. Definitely my favorite dish from Chili’s.”

Rating: 12/10

Green King from Ramen Nagi (PHP 410)


Location: SM Aura

Adee says: “It’s like eating pesto sauce that got dropped in a bowl of tonkotsu ramen. Depending on who you ask, that’s not always a good thing. I’m not a fan of it, but I don’t hate it either. I’d go for the Black King over this any time. ”

Rating: 7.2/10

Salpicao Medallion (PHP 479)


Location: UP Town Center

Diana says: “The dish was big enough to be divided into two separate servings. The picture above is only half of the entire thing. However, the steak was underdone as I asked for medium rare but what I got was so blue that Chef Gordon Ramsey would have thrown a fit and people could have made a meme about it.”

Rating: 6/10

Teriyaki Beef Pepper Rice, upsized from Pepper Lunch (PHP 280)

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Location: Shangri-La Plaza

Kat says: “I usually love this dish because the tender beef, egg and teriyaki sauce go so well together.  But I kind of feel like the only thing upsized in this version was the rice. We received the same amount of teriyaki sauce, and the beef-to rice ratio was deficient. My sister and I should just be true to ourselves next time and order one regular serving each, instead of splitting this.”

Rating: 6/10

Mojo and Chicken Family Pack from Shakey’s (PHP 620)


Location: Near the pizzas, mostly.

Lars says: “Yes, I ordered the family pack. No, I wasn’t with my family. Yes, I finished it in one sitting. Don’t judge me.”

Rating: 8/10

Penne Vaccinara from Recess by Chef Chris (PHP 540)


Location: Jupiter Street, Makati

Mikka says: “Ordered this because they ran out of the Lamb Shakshouka. Though it sounds like a pasta dish someone with a medical background and a sense of humor would prepare, this boneless ox-tail penne was lacking the meaty, fatty punch I was looking for. Also, it was for dinner; probably better as a borderline dessert. I think they went overboard with the raisins and dark chocolate.”

Rating: 4/10

Black King from Ramen Nagi (PHP 410)


Location: SM Aura

Nico says: “This made me forget the bad experience I had with squid ink and noodles. The broth tasted like a shoal of squid (had to google that term by the way) was dissolved in it. The flavor was intense but not overpowering, as the garlic managed to keep the fishy taste at bay. If you’re a fan of squid & pork adobo, you’ll find the taste somewhat familiar, less the sour notes. Make sure to bring your appetite, it’s a real big bowl.”

Rating : 10/10

Pork Schnitzel on Spatzle from Spatzle (PHP 330)


Location: East Wing, Shangri-la Mall, Mandaluyong

Serna says: “The pork cutlet was tender and flavorful, with the mustard dip giving it a nice zing. The crunchy, perfectly-fried exterior was a study in contrasts when eaten with a mouthful of the tomato sauce-drenched spatzle.”

Rating: 9/10

Have you tried any of the dishes above? What did you think of them? Do you prefer Ramen Nagi’s Black King over the Green King (or vice versa)? Sound off in the comments section below!

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5 responses to “It’s a Battle Between Ramen Nagi’s Black King vs. Green King in This Week’s Pepper Eats”

  1. Addi dela Cruz says:

    Grabe, Lars….

  2. Abi Kwok says:

    Shakey’s fried chicken is the best!

  3. Tel Balita says:

    Funny this line: “Yes, I ordered the family pack. No, I wasn’t with my family.” :))

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