More Stuff from π, an Apple McFlurry, and Ramen (again) in Today’s Pepper Eats

Salpicao Medallion from Torch (PHP 479.95)

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Location: UP Town Center

Addi says: “I’ve never had steak served sizzling on a hot stone or one that’s wrapped in bacon, so the experience was pretty exciting. Just ask the servers to douse the fire under the stone two, three minutes through your meal so the food doesn’t get overcooked. I’m not a huge steak guy, but I enjoyed this.”

Rating: 7.8/10

Tan Tan Mien from Kichitora of Tokyo (PHP 395)


Location: 2F SM Megamall Atrium

Adee says: “My 2nd favorite place for tantanmen. Theirs is well-balanced, creamy, and rich. Could be spicier though.”

Rating: 8.2/10

Pinggoy’s Pasta Aligue from Pen Pen’s Filipino Kitchen


Location: Cubao Expo

Diana says: “The serving size was decent and the pasta was cooked fairly well but the distinct smell of calamansi and the slight saltiness of the dish made it taste like I was eating pancit palabok instead.”

Rating: 5/10

A-Don plus Chicken Karaage from Yakitori One (PHP 188; PHP 228 with iced tea)

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Location: 4th floor, SM Aura

Kat says: “The chicken thighs and pork butabara were both really good, but the standout for me was the karaage. The breading was the right crispiness, the meat was juicy, tender, and really flavorful. I also give them plus one point for the free chicken skin stick.”

Rating: 9/10

π Platter from π Breakfast and Pies (PHP 625)


Location: Teacher’s Village

Lars says: “This was a mixed bag. The beef belly corned beef was fantastic as always, so that gets an 8/10. The bagnet fat-fried fries were a revelation, another 8/10. I absolutely adored them, but those with healthier eating habits than mine might not be as enthused. The bacon and eggs tasted like bacon and eggs, which is a good thing, so I guess that’s a 7/10. The sausages were cooked well but were severely underseasoned, so that’s a 6/10. The wilted spinach with mushroom salad was forgettable but not unpleasant, 5/10. The pancakes, though, were a travesty for a place that purports to specialize in breakfast food. They were tough, chewy, and flavorless. When you cut them open, you quickly see why. There were zero air bubbles inside, so zero fluffiness ensued. I feel like the batter was overmixed or maybe it was old, I don’t know. I felt like I was eating rubber disks. 2.5/10”

Rating: All the dishes together add up to an average of 6.1/10

Steak and Egg from Wildflour (PHP 495)

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Location: G/F Net Lima Building, Fort Bonifacio

Mikka says: “One of my favorite things to eat this side of the Metro. I always have this and request for more of the butter and less of the kimchi in the rice because a) I don’t like spicy food and b) I’m not a fan of kimchi. But what happens when you get lost in conversation with your BFF is that you completely forget about adjusting your order and end up with a sobering surprise that hey, spicy kimchi rice ‘aint that bad! The steak was a bit over done though for medium rare.”

Rating: 7/10

Apple Pie x McFlurry from McDonald’s (PHP 74)


Location: SM Masinag

Nico says: “To be honest, I did it for the kicks since I didn’t think they’d go for it. After initial confusion at the counter, and more confusion when the manager allowed it, I was handed this glorious (and hideously non-photogenic) creation. It was just like apple pie  à la Mode. It was kind of mushy since the pie melted a bit of the ice cream, but in my mind, it tasted like sweet, sweet victory.”

Rating: 6/10 for the McFlurry, 10/10 for the store actually doing this.

Ice Cream Shiratama Zensai from Ikkoryu Fukuoka Ramen (PHP 180)


Location: Food court, Power Plant Mall, Makati

Serna says: “You can have this with either green tea, vanilla, or black sesame ice cream. I opted for the latter, and the black sesame’s creamy, earthy flavor was a good complement for the sticky rice balls and sweet red beans. Overall, the dish was like a beautifully-deconstructed black sesame Mochiko ball.”

Diner’s rating: 8/10

16 Responses

  1. I do the ice cream x apple pie combo all the time! It’s like poor man’s apple pie ala mode. I keep the ice cream to a minimum though and stick with plain vanilla. This works great too with Jollibee’s vanilla ice cream and Peach Mango Pie!

    1. I’ll try asking the jollibee crew if they can mix in the peach mago pie into my ice cream next time! i think it’d taste better! sana lang they bring back the real sized pies, and not these midgets posing as pies 🙁

  2. I read in a different blog that the chef of Pi actually likes his pancakes as gummy and fluffy. So that must be it.

    1. i just asked if they could mix the apple pie in with the mcflurry, I ran it by the manager kasi di maka decide agad yung asa counter. so they just whizzed the ice cream with the pie after.

  3. Had the chicken and waffles at Pi Breakfast and Pies last weekend and was also disappointed with the flavorless corn-and-jalapeno waffles. I did get the corn kernels and the jalapeno bits, but their addition did nothing to help the dry and tough pastry. Also, the country fries were so salty that even my chichirya-loving son complained. I’m giving the shop a second chance though. The apple and gruyere pie looks good.

  4. Dahil medyo inggitera ako, gagawin ko rin ang Peach Mango Pie at Mcdo sundae. I understand na Mcdo sundae combo dahil di masarap ang Jollibee sundae. Bow.

      1. Don’t be sad. Di ko pa nasubukan. I’ll giveway to you first. 🙂

  5. Lechugas ka Nico, inunahan mo ako. Dapat Jollibee Peach Mango Pie in McDo sundae ako next week!

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