Waffles, Waffles, Waffles in Today’s Pepper Eats

November 16, 2018

Pepper Eats is our weekly photo-journal featuring food we stuffed our faces with.

Mama Lou’s Special from Mama Lou’s (PHP 450 for 14″)


Addi says: “BEWARE. DRUGS.”

Diner’s rating: 10/10

Chimichanga from Hermano’s Taco Shop (PHP 295)


Adee says: “Getting punched by your crush is more enjoyable than this..”

Diner’s rating: 5/10

Peach Waffle from Pancake House (PHP 180)


Giselle says: I can’t really say anything bad about a childhood favorite, only that there never seems to be enough of it.

Diner’s rating: 9.5/10

Butter, Sugar & Lemon Crepe from Cafe Breton (PHP 95)


Kat says: “My go-to dessert at Breton is proof that sometimes the simplest things are the best. The flavors go so well together: sweet, salty and citrusy. They went overboard with the sugar the last time I ordered this, so tell your server to keep it light on the confectioner’s. You can always add more if you need to (you probably won’t).”

Rating: 9/10

Binagoongang Bagnet from Porky’s (PHP 265)


Lars says: “ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ”

Diner’s rating: 9.9/10

Stuffed French Toast from Maple (PHP 350)


Mikka says: “It was okay. I liked how the cream cheese wasn’t super overwhelming. But I felt like it could use a bit more of the stuff.”

Diner’s rating: 6.5/10

Cheese Waffle from Pancake House (P175)

pancake house upload
Mye says: “This is only waffle I ever crave for.”
Diner’s rating: 10/10

Hazelnut Croissant Donut from Wildflour (PHP 150)


Nico says: “I get what the fuss is about. The pastry is crisp and flaky, but not too light. It’s got the right amount of frosting and filling, too. It’s pricey for sure, but any cheaper and I’d probably stuff myself silly with these.”

Diner’s rating: 7.5/10

Deep-fried Ice Cream from Jack’s Loft (PHP 135)


Serna says: “Great concept, but it was shabbily executed. I’m not convinced that they fried this and the coating of ground cornflakes tasted like sawdust. The one saving grace was the quality of the vanilla ice cream, but how hard is it to scoop that out of the tin and serve it?”

Diner’s rating: 5/10

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4 responses to “Waffles, Waffles, Waffles in Today’s Pepper Eats”

  1. Erwin says:

    Bakit laging ang ganda nung pictures ni mye? =)

  2. mojackomojacko says:

    where is Porky’s? naintriga ako :O

    sa Pepper Eats ako nakakakuha ng idea kung saan ako kakain sa weekends 🙂

    • Lars Roxas says:

      Sa groundfloor ng Shopwise sa Libis, where Crave Burger used to be. Nothing fancy, pero unli rice ung set meals nila 😀

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