More Than Just Their Fantastic Lechon, Pepita’s Kitchen Offers Hiplog That is Truly Heart-Stopping

March 23, 2019

They call Dedet Santos the Lechon Diva, and for good reason. Her take on the traditional lechon is one that will have you look at the celebratory dish in a new light (with a matching angelic choir in your ear when you take your first bite). But there is more to Pepita’s Kitchen than her famous lechon. We are obsessed with what she calls hiplog.

Dedet doesn’t hold back, and thus neither do her dishes.

That is a portmanteau of hipon (shrimp) and itlog (egg), and refers to a dish of cooked prawns drowning in a golden salted egg sauce that tastes just how it is colored—rich AF. The salted egg sauce is generously poured everywhere so that you have lots of that good oily stuff to spare for the two servings of rice that you’ll inevitably enjoy with this.

Pick your order up at Magallanes or have it sent over via LalaMove.

Pepita’s Kitchen offers hiplog, and other no-holds-barred dishes like their crab gulong-gulong and kare kare kasuy, dishes through her party platter service. And for those who are throwing a party and the truffle-rice stuffed lechon may be more than your group can handle, try one of their boneless stuffed chicken dishes.

Pepita’s Kitchen

A service that creates Asian-inspired party platters.

CONTACT: (0917) 866-0662 / pepitaskitchen@gmail.com
SPEND: PHP1,000–11,000
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