Paminta: A One-Night Only Collaborative Feast Hosted by, Salo, and Your Local

March 23, 2020

2015 is the year our cuisine becomes global, and no other woman has championed our country on foreign shores more than Yana Gilbuena. Over the course of 50 ambitious weeks, Yana travelled across all 50 states in America as part of her ongoing SALO Project, a series of underground pop-up dinners that educated, informed, and introduced people to our beloved food.

But for now, she is home. Teaming up with and Your Local, for PAMINTA, a one night only, exclusive dinner. On May 31, 2015 at 7:00 pm, Yana Gilbuena will be cooking alongside Kenneth Francisco and Denny Antonino of Your Local, bridging her advocacy with the restaurant’s philosophy. A true salo, the night will be an awesome culinary get-together, with 6 delicious courses inspired by both the history of our homeland and its future, including a dessert by our friends at Black Apron, meat from Solo Meats, cocktails by Destileria Limtuaco, and specialty brews by KKK Coffee.

Paminta Content

To book tickets or to ask for more information about Yana Gilbuena, the night’s menu, and freestyle seating, please get in touch with Kris Landrito at or at 09175043089.

Us Pepper folks will be your hosts for the night. See you there!

About Our Collaborators:

Your Local

A year-old stud in the Legaspi neighborhood by Chef Denny Antonio and Nicco Santos, Your Local is ballsy enough to fuse various Asian cuisines together, and come up with something entirely their own. “Your Local is inspired by Legaspi and the diversity of its residents. It’s a place where locals and expats can get together and enjoy a meal and good conversation,” says Denny Antonio, one of the chefs and partners. “Your Local is all about personal service where everyone knows your name and you aren’t just a customer, but a friend.”

Like the menu, the design of Your Local is also an evolution. Originally, the partners wanted an industrial feel with concrete, wood and steel. The subway tiles were a New York touch that both chefs liked, and from there grew the warm industrial look it has now. “One expat from New York said it looked his butcher shop back home, while a Brit said it reminded of a pub he used to go to,” Denny says. That’s what Your Local is really about—a place for you to feel at home, wherever you are from.

Visit their Facebook page for more information.

SoLo Meat Group, Inc.

SoLo Meat Group Inc. is a locally owned company that focuses on providing local businesses with quality meats and commodity products at a competitive price. We take particular care in sourcing the best beef from Australian, New Zealander and American producers.

We believe in thinking differently as we build our strategies based on the needs of our clients. We listen to and understand the challenges and aspirations of our clients so that we can align the necessary products and services. We acknowledge the importance of collaborating with our clients to promote business synergies.

We believe that you do not need huge budgets to enjoy premium quality beef. We are able to deliver exceptional pricing, fair contract terms, strategic partnerships, and comprehensive distribution solutions to our clients.

Visit their website for more information.

Black Apron

Black Apron is movement to create, enrich, and appreciate everything beyond the norm. A work in progress, it serves as a playground for food and design. Black Apron is a monthly affair focused on local and seasonal produce, working with craftsmen in the country to develop our tasting menu.

Visit their Facebook page for more information.

KKK Coffee

KKK believes in Filipino coffee.  And beyond just beans, they believe that our local culture has this creativity for coffee recipes delectable not only to Filipinos, but to coffee lovers from around the world. KKK Coffee is wholly Filipino. Not only from bean origins, but also to recipes, to brand–this is their contribution to the world of coffee.

“KKK” means a lot of different things in different cultures. So whether KKK can mean laughter in Brazil, a funny moment in South Korea and in Africa, or organizations in the USA and in other places,our take on “KKK” as Filipinos will always be about courage, bravery, and love for country.

KKK Coffee shares in this revolutionary spirit of bringing our homegrown beans, recipes, and this Filipino brand to the world.

Visit their Facebook page and website for more information.

Destileria Limtuaco

The Philippine market has always enjoyed the world-class quality that Destileria Limtuaco products have been known for. The distillery is proud of its wide range of distilled spirits and alcoholic beverages expertly blended and produced with the highest degree of manufacturing excellence, backed by 5 generations of master blenders, the finest liquor makers in the Philippines.

For over 160 years, Destileria Limtuaco’s excellent brand portfolio consists of distilled spirits, whiskies, brandies, gins, rums, vodkas, tequilas, cocktails, herbal and sweet wines, and the original medicinal wines. These products are produced strictly following special manufacturing processes and well-guarded formula developed by the master blenders, creating exceptional products of superior taste and quality that satisfies the impeccable taste of Filipinos and connoisseurs the world over.

By exploring this website, you’ll find out the answer why Destileria Limtuaco became known as “The Oldest Distillery in the Philippines”.

Visit their website for more information.

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