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Our Definitive Star Margarine Ranking: Who Knew They Had 6 Different Flavors?

November 15, 2019

Margarine is an indispensable ingredient in any Filipino kitchen. The butter substitute is basically processed vegetable oil commonly used for cooking, baking, and flavoring. We wouldn’t use it ourselves today, especially since there are so many better (butter?) options in the market for its purpose. But we’ll have to admit, the taste of margarine is one that’s stained in our palates from childhood, particularly Star Margarine. We all know about the classic flavor, but we were surprised to discover five others with it in the self. So we had to ask—which of these variants is the best? (And which one of them is the worst?)

6. Sweet Blend

We’ll give it points for kind of tasting like butter. But the Sweet Blend flavor throws us off with its rank smell and unpleasant (a member of the team said it tasted like poison) taste. We found white crystals in the margarine; and all of us thought it was sugar—you know, since it’s supposed to be sweet. So we were pretty frazzled finding out it was actually salt.

5. Chocolate

The brown hue of the chocolate variant took some adjusting to. (Probably because we’re predisposed to visualize Star Margarine as yellow, or at least something close to that.) But flavor-wise, it wasn’t too bad. Its comparable to the chocolate filling you get from cracker sandwiches, both in smell and taste. But its thick, greasy mouthfeel reminds you that it’s not.

4. Vanilla

The vanilla margarine was inoffensive. Just like its chocolate sibling, it tastes like the filling of butter sandwiches, but with a different kind of sweetness to it. “It tastes like you spent one peso for a Funfetti cake,” said a member of the team. But hey, you were willing to buy it.

3. Classic

The classic Star Margarine brings us back to our childhood. It tastes slightly salty, greasy, and (apparently, to some of us) meaty. But it’s a flavor we wouldn’t mind tasting. And, of course, it has plus points for being the most versatile one in the bunch.

2. Caramel

We were actually pleasantly surprised by the caramel variant. It smells very sweet; and its taste reminds us of the cream cheese topping of milk tea—if it were fatty, that is. You still can’t shake the fact that its margarine, but it’s a “game-changer,” as one of us described it. We’d maybe be open to using it to flavor some caramel desserts.

1. Garlic

Star Margarine’s garlic flavor was a clear winner. It’s just like the classic, but with garlic powder—making it a million times better. It smells just like garlic, and even has the sharpness of the actual aromatic, without it actually being there. This one proved to be the most true to its advertised flavor, plus we think its the most usable in savory dishes. “It tastes like you’ll put it on garlic rice,” someone from the team claimed. And we’re not at all opposed to that.

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