Order Party Platters from China Mommy for True Filipino-Chinese Home-Cooked Meals

December 6, 2018

There are so many ways to have a great Christmas party. One of them is to not have to cook when you’re already busy (a) hosting, (b) spending extra time stuck in traffic, (c) catching up with relatives in town, or (d) any combination of the above. With tons of options for pick-up delivery services, it becomes so easy to outsource your potluck dish and still make sure it has that homemade taste, like when you order a a party platter from China Mommy.

Have it vegetarian, or not. Linda Co is used to cooking for a vegetarian crowd as she volunteers weekly to cook for vegetarian Buddhist monks.

Fine, it’s Oliver Co’s mom, not yours or ours (we’re just jealous and projecting). Linda Co is the China Mommy who the small home-based business is named after, and whose recipes (some passed down from generations before her, some her own) are what make up the menu of China Mommy’s brand. While Linda focuses on creating in the kitchen, her son Oliver Co helps her with handling orders and marketing their platters.

Noodles, however way you want it.

What makes China Mommy’s dishes so special? The way any home dish is special. They are made with care, attention to detail, and the best ingredients. And even better, they are made with generations of experience to back them up. They specialize in crab dishes, which is why you have to get either the Crab in Special China Mommy Sauce, Crab in Curry Sauce, or (/and?) their Sotanghon Crabs—which all make the patience required for cracking into crabs well-worth it.


A home-based party platter service that specializes in Filipino-Chinese cuisine.

CONTACT: (0917) 514-8540 / chinamommyph@gmail.com
SPEND: PHP 1800–6,900 (crab dishes may vary depending on market prices)
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