Oishi Wants to Mess with your Head with Mysterious Junk Food Packs

July 25, 2018

Junk food empire Oishi has come up with an interesting new product-slash-marketing ploy that made us give them a free plug. Here’s the Oishi O, Wow, a junk food pack that doesn’t tell you what’s inside. It’s a welcome gimmick considering that big companies like Oishi tend to be conservative.

You can try your luck and feel up the contents of each package, but you’ll be surprised. Judging from the ridges and thickness, I was 110% positive that my O, Wow! contained my favorite Kirei shrimp snack. But to my dismay, I was confronted by a bag of Marty’s instead. Good thing I resisted the urge of betting 100 bucks that I got it right.

I like how this element of surprise enriches the whole snacking experience. With over 50 variants under its belt, it’s probably safe to say that Oishi’s O, Wow! can replace the “box of chocolates” in Forrest Gump’s life anecdote.

Cause really, you never know what you’re gonna get.

Mikka Wee Mikka Wee

Mikka Wee is former editor of Pepper.ph and was part of the team until she got whisked away to Singapore in 2016 where she worked in advertising and eventually found herself back in the food industry. She currently does marketing work for two popular Singaporean dessert brands and is a weekly columnist for The Philippine Daily Inquirer’s lifestyle brand, Preen.ph. She has always been crazy about travel, food, and her dog Rocket.

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4 responses to “Oishi Wants to Mess with your Head with Mysterious Junk Food Packs”

  1. Where is this available? 🙂

  2. This would be an awesome way of moving inventory. I’m just saying…

  3. Jenn says:

    I love this too! I was only disappointed once because I want a salty snack and I got Pillows instead. 😀

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