Oh So Healthy! Fruit Crisps Are an Innovative and Addictive Way to Enjoy Our Favorite Local Fruits

November 11, 2017

Almay Gaw and Charles Tiu don’t believe that healthy has to mean bad-tasting. Both with a background in manufacturing and quality systems, Gaw and Tiu set out to prove that sentiment with Oh So Healthy! Fruit Crisps. This innovative all-natural snack is unlike what you would typically expect from fruit crisps—they are not thick, chewy, slices of fruit, but instead a blended purée of local fruits that are dried into a thin, craggy, crunchy, flat square that is as easy to bite through as a thick cut kettle chip.

At PHP 95 per bag, it’s a steal for a snack that is both healthy and darn-right addictive.

Oh So Healthy! Fruit Crisps come in 3 flavors (all Halal, Kosher, ISO and HACCP certified) made from local produce: Guava Purple Yam Banana, Purple Yam Banana Coconut, and Mango Sweet Potato Banana. The first flavor is ideal for those with a taste for the sour, with the guava flavor coming strongly through and following it up with a mellow banana note. The second, the closest to more savory flavors as the ube offers the forefront taste with a coconut-y twinge. The third is, unsurprisingly, the sweetest, with the mango shining through and the banana making an appearance towards the end.

It may shock you at just how crunchy this fruit purée crisps are.

Instead of frying the crisps, they are dried using heat to remove moisture, which results in a longer shelf-life than if they were fried. This also ensures that natural enzymes are maintained, so you can “snack smart” with crisps that are high in potassium and other nutrients, with no artificial additives or sugar added. Each variant is made up of just eight ingredients, and come in resealable bags of bright colored hues that have caught our eye as well as buyers in Australia, USA, Canada and China. The crisps can be purchased at Shopwise or Rustan’s for only PHP 95 a bag, a price well-worth a snack that may change the way you think of healthy snacks forever.

Oh So Healthy! Fruit Crisps

Heat-dried natural fruit crisps made with local produce.

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