Oh GK! is a Refreshing Oregano-Based Health Juice that Even Kids Love

October 27, 2018

Danilo Ablen noticed that farmers in the area where he lives were getting rid of oregano, considering it a weed that gets in the way of their main crops. But with his knowledge on the health benefits of the plant, and inspired by his 67 year old uncle who was suffering from psoriasis, Ablen decided to buy the plants that would otherwise be discarded and put them to use. He took them back to the GK Enchanted Farm, where he is based as a beneficiary of the Gawad Kalinga program and a graduate from GK’s SEED program, and with the help of Nanay Gloria (“one of the Nanays in the farm”, he explains), they developed a healthy and refreshing oregano drink.

You can pick up a bottle at the Salcedo Market every Saturday.

The result is astonishing: a refreshing drink that tastes like nothing on the market, with levels to its flavor. The oregano gives it a almost spicy-somewhat minty tone that is matched by the sweetness of honey; the ginger adds a spiciness to it that is balanced out by the brightness of the calamansi; and the result is a drink that is as flavorful as it is good for our bodies.

Oh GK! recommends drinking it fresh or at least within 3 days of purchase (and it must be chilled in that time). If you want to hoard, stick some bottles in the freezer to make them last up to 3 months.

Through the GK Enchanted Farm, Ablen got connected with Leah Sy, who became his partner in the brand Oh GK! (which stands for Oregano, Honey, Ginger and Kalamansi). Together they work on pushing the brand forward locally and globally, entering it to product shows and competitions in Asia and Europe. Sy is at the helm of Marketing and Product Image Development for Oh GK! and loves the brand as her own, though she sings Ablen’s praises for being its father and creator. She tells us that they are also currently looking for passionate and committed partners to help them grow their brand that gives back (30% of sales, to be precise) to the GK community that brings hope for so many Filipinos.

Oh GK!

A refreshing health juice made with oregano, ginger, calamansi and honey.

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