Nut Butters Can Move Aside for the Unbakery’s Toasted Coconut Butter

April 9, 2018

Claudia Tagle has done something strange for someone who is a home-baker (she used to sell home-baked goods under “Claudia’s Cookies”): she has undone her bakery. Instead of hot cookies fresh from the oven, she’s serving raw energy balls that store in the fridge.

Eat deez balls.

The energy balls are reminiscent of cookie dough when eaten thawed (though harder if you bite into them straight from the fridge, where they should be stored and can keep for up to three months). They look suspiciously raw, and in fact are, but Tagle assures us that they are more than just safe to eat—they’re good for you too. Made only from raw, sugar-free (only sweetened with either honey or dates), whole, unprocessed ingredients, these energy balls give you nutty, sweet, chocolatey, and even fruity (for the strawberry & cream variant) flavors packed into dense, delicious snacks that are more filling than they look.

What really intrigues us about the Unbakery though is their “nut” butter (it doesn’t really count since the base isn’t really a nut, but it’s a nut butter substitute), and their only product that isn’t raw, made from a single ingredient: coconut butter. Tagle tells us that she’s experienced two types of reactions of the product as she finds coconut to be a polarizing taste, but for those who fall under the category of coconut lovers, she (and we) are sure you’ll go nuts over this spread.

Check out that packaging that’s as simple, clean, and tasteful as their product.

Its texture is a bit gritty in the way that shredded coconut is, with a deep toasted flavor that brings out the oily and rich tropical taste of the drupe. And the best part is that it lasts on the shelf for up to six months when stored properly. Just make sure not to stick it in the fridge as coconut oil hardens at cool temperatures; you wouldn’t want to break a spoon trying to dig into one of the best ways to have your coconut fill everyday.


The Unbakery

Raw energy balls and coconut butter home-made using whole ingredients.

Contact: 0920-977-9467 / theunbakeryph@gmail.com
Spend: PHP 80-350
Follow: Facebook / Instagram

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