The Bowery’s Big Apple Cocktails Will Save You a Trip to NYC

May 3, 2020

Well-crafted cocktails have become more than just a passing trend in Manila. Now, every small bar that pops up has a defining characteristic to reel in the crowd and set it apart—a wall of Japanese whisky that has coveted bottles rare even in Tokyo, or a menu based on gin and the pairings that are way more refined than your average gin and tonic. The Bowery may be known for both New York brunches and feverish nights out, but their new cocktail menu—developed by a true New York native—will have you perched at the bar longer than happy hour.

You won’t find classics here; instead you’ll find unique combinations, homemade bitters, and new techniques that are indicative of David Dennis’s grassroots integrity when it comes to crafting drinks. Each cocktail serves whatever kind of drinker you might be. If the intensity of an Old-Fashioned is what you look for, either the Smoked-Out Mexican (with a double puff of smoked scotch) or the Sazerac with Xocolatl mole and orange cream bitters will definitely be your libation of choice. If you prefer something a little girlier that wouldn’t look out of place at afternoon tea, the muddled strawberries, black pepper syrup, and balsamic vinegar of That Uptown Girl is a serious boozy dream. Here, we break down three of our favorites from Bowery’s updated set.

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Which of the cocktails above are you most interested to try? Tell us your thoughts about The Bowery’s newest cocktails with a comment below!

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The Bowery

Address: GF Rizal Dr. cor 29th St., Taguig
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Photos courtesy of Rowena Lopez

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