Ocean’s Telephone Company at Burgos Circle Might Just Be Your Next Favorite Watering Hole in Fort Bonifacio

April 17, 2020

There’s always been a fascination with being a part of secret societies, underground clubs, or even undercover British spy networks. There’s something about seeing suave squads on the big screen, going incognito for top-secret missions and pulling off huge heists that make us want to join in on their sly work—or maybe join them for drinks after. But, of course, we aren’t talking about the hot and messy dive bars that play EDM all night long. We wouldn’t want James Bond staining his perfectly pressed tux, now would we?

Oceans 01 - revised

Right: Old Fashioned, PHP 350.

The guys behind Pablo’s Pub and Restaurant and Frank & Dean Café x Kitchen made us feel like we were entering a secret passageway to the Ministry of Magic (ala Harry Potter) as we went into a red telephone box (with the red glass door, and real—non-functional—telephones inside), only to be led into their latest venture: Ocean’s Telephone Company.

After going through the phone booth and pushing past a well-camouflaged door, we were greeted by a dimly lit room with a red neon sign that read “Ocean’s Telephone Co.” Everything about the place screamed class. Dark, almost pitch-black, wood panels and collaged mirrors lined the walls of the small space. The lights were dimly lit to give off a mysterious vibe. Quilted leather couches in marsala were used tastefully for the booths. And the bar countertop’s size made it clear that this was not the place for rowdy pub crowds.

Oceans 03

Clockwise from top right: Smoked Salmon Napoleon, PHP 500. | Truffle Fries, PHP380. | Reuben Potato Skins, PHP 350.

On weekdays, the atmosphere is easygoing with soft chatter and jazz music in the background. On the weekends, music is contemporary but tasteful. Miguel Escueta, the main man behind Ocean’s Telephone Company, explains that the idea for the speakeasy stemmed from Pablo’s VIP room. They wanted something with an exclusive, under-the-table feel—without excluding anyone. They want customers to feel like they’re in on a little secret.

Despite being located just above Frank & Dean, Ocean’s offers a very different vibe from the work-friendly café and restaurant. Escueta doesn’t hide the fact that it’s more on the high-end, somewhat snobbish side. So don’t expect local beer and happy hour upstairs. Instead, what ladies and gentlemen can expect are classic imported cocktails, spirits, wines, and beer.

They had us try their Old Fashioned cocktail, made with a mix of Maker’s Mark bourbon, simple syrup, as well as fresh oranges and cherries for flavor. With Angostura to add more kick, and orange peel garnish to balance the sweet with the bitter. We also had a taste of The Glenlivet single malt whiskey, which went down smoothly—leaving nothing but a subtle burning sensation in the throat.

Oceans 02 - revised

Now, for bar chow, Escueta says they’re keeping the menu small. So waiters won’t be bringing up any of the heavier meals like F&D’s fried chicken. They’re serving up quality and filling finger food worthy of their special guests’ taste buds. There’s F&D’s pizza in four different flavors (Margherita, 5 Cheese, Pepperoni, All Meat), sliders, Truffle Fries, Reuben Potato Skins, and Smoked Salmon Napoleon. All dishes are an elevated version of the regular pub grub, so you can expect that prices are slightly elevated, too.

The Reuben Potato Skins were a treat. Baked potato skins, with a layer of the starchy goodness at the bottom, were covered in a melted mix of cheeses and pastrami slices. The Smoked Salmon Napoleon was light and simple—bite-sized, and easy enough to pop into your mouth. In the Smoked Salmon Napoleon, pieces of smoked salmon were sandwiched between three crisp chips, along with a helping of sour cream.

But Ocean’s Truffle Fries were what won me over. Everybody knows that anything with truffle is delicious. Cook it with crisp fried potatoes, and you get highly addictive fritters that you just can’t stop munching on. Adding truffle to the mayo for the dip made the fare all the more irresistible.

Interior - revised

Ocean’s Telephone Company seems to be the ideal place for connoisseurs and the gang from Ocean’s Eleven. It’s sharp and classy, without being too intimidating and highly sophisticated. The atmosphere is dark and shady, without being remotely close to dingy. And with Ocean’s food and drinks, their phones should be ringing off the hooks soon.

Have you been to Ocean’s Telephone Company? What did you think about the place? Tell us your thoughts with a comment below!

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Ocean’s Telephone Company

Address: Frank & Dean, GF Forbes Town Center, Burgos Circle, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
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  1. Volts Sanchez says:

    “Everybody knows that anything with truffle is delicious.” As long as it isn’t truffle oil, you mean 😉

  2. Ashley Penabella says:

    Our barkada will visit this place on our next gimik night. 🙂

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