Brown’s Gourmet Chicken Serves Affordable Home-Cooked Style Meals and Foreign Cuisine Favorites

December 4, 2019

The long days at work and holiday traffic exhausts most individuals by the time they’re home. There’s barely any time left for preparing a meal, but you end up craving for your mother’s baked spaghetti or a massive bowl of beef bulgogi. There are just some dishes that provide comfort with their generous servings and full-on flavor, yet these meals are only served in specific restaurants or at home. Thankfully Brown’s Gourmet Chicken saves you all that trouble with its international and local comfort food.

Brown’s serves a straightforward yet diverse menu. The diversity spans international cuisine that Pinoys regularly return to. Pasta items include simple yet tasty renditions of Basil Pesto, Roasted Tomato, Aglio Olio, and Puttanesca Pasta. There are both local and foreign-inspired OMM rice or omelette rice variations, such as the Pinakbet Rice, Chicken Rice, and Beef Bulgogi. Separate entrée orders can satisfy even the pickiest palate: there’s the Baked Spaghetti that harks back to your childhood Pinoy-style pasta, a Silk Tofu + Shiitake Mushroom served with XO sauce and cilantro rice, and a plate of Fish + Chips that include a side of fries and tartar sauce. Those who need their morning tapsi meal can have Gourmet Tapa, Garlic Longganisa, or Twice Cooked Adobo in peanut sauce for breakfast.

“Brown’s is basically comfort food, but international,” Chef Kristian Gadia describes. The menu’s variety isn’t so diverse that it confuses, yet the items are familiar enough to satisfy that specific craving for Korean, Italian, or Filipino food. Most of the ingredients are also homemade and made in house by Kristian himself. You’re assured fresh ingredients in items like the spiced vinegar and longganisa.


Ginger + Basil Shake (PHP 110) and Mixed Berry Shake (PHP 110)

“The food is healthy, hefty, and affordable,” Kristian elaborates. “All ingredients are organic and sourced locally depending on their availability.” Their fruit shakes showcase the freshness of their ingredients. The Ginger + Basil Shake combined the spiciness of ginger with the citrus notes of lemon. We could taste both the strawberries and blueberries in the Mixed Berry Shake; neither fruit was lost on our palates with each sip.


One-half chicken with Hainanese Rice and 2 sides of Parmesan Potatoes and Buttered Vegetables (PHP 249)

As the restaurant’s name indicates, the roasted chicken is Brown’s signature dish. “I went through hundreds of chickens before I came up with the final recipe!” Kristian tells us. All chickens are injected with the flavorings and then marinated overnight. “Everything is all-natural. We choose the chickens that have the least hormones,” he adds. The careful choice of poultry and the elaborate preparation process results in a chicken that’s too easy to slice. Most roast chickens take a few deep hacks before you’re able to slice off the meat. The skin balances the saltiness of the seasoning with the sweetness of the marinade. The white meat isn’t bland or dry, but so moist that you savor each piece until the last bite. The spiced vinegar provides that necessary sour contrast to the marinade’s sweetness. You can order one-fourth, one-half, or one whole chicken with a choice of rice and one to four sides. Their sides include basics such as the buttered vegetables and parmesan potatoes. The buttered vegetables servings were generous; the baguio beans and radish slices gave out a nice crunch on each bite. The parmesan potatoes proved that you only need the simplest ingredients for the fullest flavors.


Left: Shrimp + Pork Egg Roll + Nuoc Cham (PHP 110); Right: OMM Rice Beef Bulgogi (PHP 170)

The same care is obvious in the OMM Beef Bulgogi rice and the Shrimp + Pork Egg Roll + Nuoc Cham appetizer. The deep fried spring roll wrappers were crisp and clung around the shrimp, raisins, carrots, and bell pepper mixture. The raisins added a nice sweet note to the shrimp, while the nuoc cham dip enhanced the rolls with its sour and slightly spicy notes.

The omelette Beef Bulgogi was a full meal in itself: the omelette was thin and easily wrapped around the beef and rice mixture. The beef bulgogi did not disappoint in delivering the familiar sweet yet savory flavors of a Korean favorite. The sirloin beef pieces were tender and the homemade sauce present in every bit of rice. Its size was also massive despite the affordable price at PHP 170.


Churros + Blonde Mocha (PHP 90)

We finished off our meal with the equally satisfying Churros + Blonde Mocha. The churros pieces were all crispy yet not to the point they made a mess on your table. The pieces were also tasty enough that I finished off some without adding the dip. The mocha dip wasn’t sickeningly sweet and enhanced the fried dough’s crunch.

Comfort food is not just about coming home to a well-prepared meal. It’s also about enjoying familiar flavors that result from the right choice of ingredients. Brown’s Chicken assures all these with their simple, straightforward, yet diverse dishes that are local yet influenced by foreign favorites at the same time.

Have you tried Brown’s Gourmet Chicken? What’s your favorite item on their menu? Let us know in the comments section below!

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Brown’s Gourmet Chicken

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