Hoops Fans Rejoice: NBA Café Comes to Manila

October 9, 2018

Looking to further strengthen its international presence, the NBA has announced plans to open an NBA Café right here in Manila. The Café is touted to be the first ever of its kind in Asia, and will be located at SM Aura in Taguig City.

NBA City Front

Basketball is practically a national sport in the Philippines, so it’s no surprise that the NBA has chosen to establish its flagship branch in Asia here. This isn’t the league’s first foray into our country. In past visits, they’ve held numerous exhibition matches, goodwill games, and fan meet-and-greets. They are even planning to hold a

The NBA has long had a finger in the food service industry, an area where they leverage the strength of their brand in order to attract hungry basketball fans. One of their ventures, NBA City, is a themed restaurant showcasing basketball memorabilia as well as screening past games and highlights for their customers. It also boasts a basketball-themed menu. Taking a cue from these restaurants, they have launched a new café concept. A branch is set to open abroad in Spain, in addition to the one planned in Taguig.

NBA City Dining

Here are some snippets from the menu found in the NBA City Restaurants:

starters menusandwiches menuentrees menudessert menu

The food for the Café, however, will be styled to suit the café theme as well as the taste buds of Filipinos. We can expect new Filipino-inspired dishes to be offered alongside old American favorites.

Aside from the food and decor, the café will give NBA fans a home base where they can indulge in their passion and love for the game. Special events, such as live screenings, visits from current players as well as retired hoop legends, and other similar activities will also be held there.

The Philippines has had its share of themed restaurants before, and while some continue to thrive, others, like the defunct Fashion Café, remind us that it takes more than novelty to be successful. Still, with the number of die-hard NBA fans in the Philippines, don’t be shocked to see the Café always fully packed, especially during the playoffs.

What do you think of the NBA Café? Should the PBA come up with a similar joint? Will NBA Café serve Nate Robinson’s favorite lumpia too? Let us know what you think in the comments section!


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7 responses to “Hoops Fans Rejoice: NBA Café Comes to Manila”

  1. Steph says:

    Wish they’d open one in Cebu though

  2. Gheri says:

    “They are even planning to hold a pre-season game at the Mall of Asia Arena. ” — The pre-season game has long been set to be held on Oct at the Moa Arena as of this article’s posting date.

  3. Reymark says:

    How can i apply to the NBA cafe?

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  5. Nicole says:

    Would you know when exactly they will open and how I can get in touch for reservations?

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