Native Calumpit Jam Deserves a Spot in Your Fruit Spread Collection

There’s strawberry spread, mango jam, orange marmalade, guava jelly… we can go on and on, but the point is: there’s no scarcity in the fruit spread realm. It’s no surprise, since you can practically turn any juicy fruit into a jam. You can even easily make it at home—as what many locals in Batangas did with their local cherry.

Pump up the calumpit jam!

Calumpit, aka “Batangas cherry,” is a fruit of the terminalia microcarpia tree. It has a dark red/dark purple hue (similar to duhat), and comes in a familiar cherry-like shape. It has a sweet, plum-like flavor, so you can eat it as is. That said, make sure it’s cleaned properly first.

It’s not that easy to find calumpit in Metro Manila. So when we chanced upon calumpit jam in this year’s Philippine Harvest trade fair, we had to get it. In jam form, calumpit’s sweetness is taken a notch higher. But that just makes it more ideal to spread onto baked goods. Apart from being turned into a jam, calumpit can also be fermented into wine or used as a sweetener to lambanog.

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